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I've written around 9 pages of blogs :0


I know and i said i'd probably end up only writing one article like i did when i was- what 13? and writing a blog then.  Is anyone actually reading these blogs?


If you are i feel sory for you!

I've just read back over them and i'm actually amused, kind of forgot what i wrote about- although Ginger and Vampires pretty much dominate my posts! The vampires are good, but the ginger?  Not quite so...


I'm now a lovely blonde!  it took me ages to finally get it the colour i want.  Don't get me wrong, it's not COMPLETELY ginger free now!  It's been months too!

Colour B4 definitely did a number on my hair.  But cause it's grown the gingerness is slowy growing out with it.  All i did was have a bunch of highlights put in my hair to sort of ease out the tones, instead of bleaching it or going fully blonde.  It worked fine to be honest,


So if you're trying to go blonde and have gone ginger thanks to colour B4, try some highlights.  My hairdreser friend put the lightest coloured highlights in my hair.  Everyone comments now and says that they do like my colour- they think it's my natural colour too. 

Better than fluorescent orange!!  I swear, ginger is a lovely colour but it's definitely not right for my skin tone!  My hairdresser friend's ginger, bright too.  It looks amazing on her, shame it wasn't the same for me :(


Anyway, is this blog any good? 

It's keeping me amused, writing and re-reading the silly things i've put...

But, it could be total crap for you readers out there!

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