2nd year of uni over

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My second year of uni is over already.  It's been a rush these last few weeks, what with all of my assignments and exam revision.  I've barely had time to do what i enjoy.  Which is basically a lie-in and spending my time not doing uni work! 

That being said, now it's over i'm working full time until september.  That requires getting up at 6am every morning 5days a week... until i go back.  So, no lie-ins until the weekend!  Although, i am enjoying not having to worry about passing exams and getting good coursework grades to be honest.  It gets me all stressed!


I really want to go on holiday this year, but it doesn't look like i'll be going anywhere at this rate.  i have the money too which is really annoying, those that don't have any money seem to be the ones doing everything.  How unfair!  Seriously, don't know where they're getting the funds from, what with no jobs :-/



This will be the first year, since i was about 3 i think, that i won't have had a holiday.  Talk about sad.  My last holiday was rubbish, got spoilt by my was-then boyfriend!!  Sucks to be me!  Anyway, i'm hoping my friends are going to do something for my 21st, i wanted to go Vegas, but i can't exactly go on my own!  Now i'm thinking maybe Zante or somewhere- sun, sand and fun!  And they do great deals too!  All inclusive of course, because who doesn't love all you can drink beer?  And it's my 21st!


I've got a feeling my friends are going to let me down though...

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