Batman Dark Knight Rises

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I saw this last night.


Just well...

It was fricking awesome!!!




I just got so excited. It was really well done and the actors were brill.  Bale did look like an actual tramp at the beginning but he pulled himself together and became a better batman! :D

I can't believe he got rid of Alfred!  I totally forgot about the girl who'd died and that letter she'd written for Batman, saying she'd chose Harvey Dent. Alfred had burned it hoping Wayne would just get over it and move on.  He never did though, instead he became a recluse.

Bane came into it and Batman decided to dust off his cape.

It all started with the stock exchange.  They made Bruce Wayne broke, Batman was trying to catch the bad guys whilst save the hostages but instead had the police after him for the 'murder' of Harvey Dent.  We all know that was a lie, Harvey Dent had tried to kill that police dudes son, and Batman had saved him.  They'd dirtied his rep to save the city from 'darkness' or something like that... so everyone hated Batman.

Catwoman stole Wayne's mothers necklace and had dusted for prints whilst at a charity event at the Wayne residence. She then went on to sell the finger prints to a guy who wanted to buy out Waynes business.  I apologise, these two paragraphs are in the wrong order, but cut and paste isn't working and i just can't be bothered to re-write it all!

Catwoman wanted something that would clean her slate, turns out the dude wasnt planning on giving it her, instead he was just going to kill her.  But she had a back-up plan.  She'd brought a friend with her (a missing politician) and had used his phone to call her friend to bring in the thumb print.  Subsequently the police were tracking his phone and appeared seconds later.  She pretended to be a helpless woman... HA!!

And then the whole Bane stock exchange thing... read up two paragraphs! :)

It was epic though, when he went broke he showed the woman (who'd been pestering him to invest in her clean energy thing) his nuclear reactor, a mega powerful reactor that cna produce lots of energy and he left it in her power.  So Bane couldn't get his hands on it.  That same night, shock, they sleep together.  Batman's one smooth mother fucker!! ;)

When the crap hits the fan, batman asks catwoman to lead him to Bane.  She does, and it's a trap.  She watches them fight before Bane appears to break Batmans back over his knee.  it was horrid!  The sound of it... now she thinks 'shit i've killed Batman'... but it was his life for hers, so she's free now.  Also, i'm sure Bane reveals Bruce Wayne to be Batman.

And the only decent cop is that 'hot-headed' dude.  All the other police officers and council men don't believe the chief of police until everything has happened.  He sends a load of police into the sewers where all the stuff's been happening.  That rogue policeman turn detective goes to the construction ground where he realises they've been making concrete laced with explosives and he quickly tells the Police top dog to get all the men out of the sewers. Too late though.  Banes pushes the button and traps every cop (Except roguey) under ground.  ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

It's at a football match where the pitch collapses, one guy running with the ball scores a touch down and turns around to see all his teammates and other palyers gone and the ground just... gone.

Bane then reveals his plans for the nuclear reactor, which has been turned into a bomb.  He's also broken into Morgan Freemans artillery workshop and claimed the military stuff for his own army.  Every bridge gets blown up except one, and he says if there's any intereference from outside of Gotham he'll trugger the bomb.

Meanwhile Batman/Bruce Wayne is in a prison somewhere.  It's in a desert but i'm not sure what place that desert is (abroad or Mexico or something?).  Literally it's a big pit in the ground, people can climb out (gives hope) but no one ever makes it.  They fall and die by hitting the walls on the way down.  He get's his strength back up and also hears a story about 'bane'.

Bane was born in the cells, so he grew up there- hence why he was so brutal- and he escaped.  His mother had traded places with her husband so he didn't have to go there.

Anyway, long story short he manages to get back to Gotham just in time to help stop the baddies from absolutely thrashing the police force- who were broken free by Batman.  he saves the chief of police and sets fire to the bridge causing the batman logo to appear.  Typical egotistical hero. HA!

The police and the terrorists go head to head, the police are epic!! That was a good scene, most knew they would die but they fought for their home! :)

Batman manages to get the upperhand over Bane by knocking away some of the things that surround his mouth. Anasthetics? (can't spell).  He's about to finish him off when that woman he'd entrusted the device to stabs him between the ribs.  BITCH!

And that's when we find out that the child wans't Bane but her and that the protector of the child was in fact Bane. So they had been working together.  Batman had killed her father- although she hated him she wanted revenge. Doesn't make sense, shouldn't she be happy? And Batman's like NOOOOOOO!  The whole nuclear thing was he idea and then she tells Bane not to kill him so he can watch the city burn.  

Of course, once she's gone Bane says 'you do realise i have to kill you now.' and before he does catwoman shoots him with awesome guns on the motoribike batman gave her to free the tunnel out of the city.  She didn;t leave like she'd said, instead she came back and saved him!

The bomb has little time left though.  Batman (cutting out some stuff) Takes ot far out into the bay where it explodes, everyone thinks batman's dead.

BUTTTTTT stuff has been fixes and he's left little clues and that so those closest know he's alive.  Alfred see's him with catwoman when he orders his usual at a cafe in France and can't believe his eyes- his one dream come true! So he leaves happy.



Remember that ace cop.  The fan of Batman.  Yeah, that one!
Well, he goes to collect stuff and throws out his badge, we find out he's called.... ROBIN OMFG!!!

:) :) :)
Batman leaves him a note and he finds the batcave.

We've found our ROBIN!!!  Maybe Batman and Robin in the next movie? 



But rushed and pretty crappy, BUT OMG ROBIN!

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