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i've gone blonde now.  It's not exactly how i expected it to turn out.  I'm kind of ginger, and i cried before cause i thought i'd ruined my hair... still think it look horrible however my mum has helped me to cover over it.  I have to wait a few days/a week now before i should colour it again, don't want my hair dropping off or anything!!!  That would be worse, cause at least i still have hair now, even if it is a strawberry blonde colour.



Oh well, it was almost black yesterday (very dark brown) so being this colour is something, i'm not used to it either.  Got to get used to it before i can judge whether i like it or not.  I'm in work tomorrow too, have to see what people think of it.  


I'm also watching Inglorious Basterds right now. :)  Random and i don't get it.  haha oh well, one day someone will explain it to me!!



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