Boring weekend

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Well, this weekend was pretty boring.


The only thing i did was go cinema with my brother's mate to watch American Pie the Reunion! 


It was pretty good to be honest.  I laughed so much.  Oh God! hahahaha

No really, it's brilliant!  Pointless i guess, but it's such a laugh!  Pointless nudity and pointless humour.  Just totally pointless.  But it made my day!!


I went to the gym too!


Not Friday, like i said i wanted to.  Instead i went for tea at the parents house.  Cheese burger and chips.  yeah...

Should really have gone to the gym instead....

Oh well, i went Saturday and yesterday.  Aching today!


It's been pretty crap weather too, although today there is actual SUN!!!  i forgot what that was ya' know!

Social life of a deckchair.  Only get brought out in the sun!


I'm going for drinks with my friend after work tomorrow, he's in the RAF and is going to Kenya for 3 months in a couple of weeks, so we're having a catch-up before he goes.  That should be good!


Anyway, back to my weekend.  My best friend invited me to her boyfriend's, step-sisters party.  But that was an after thought and i didn't go because i ddin't think she really wnated me there (she'd have asked me as soon as she'd found out right?) and only asked me when i asked her what she was doing and then asked what sort of party it was. 




She gets a boyfriend and i don't see her at all.  typical.


And i was the one supporting her through it all.  But, you know, i don't expect to be treated as a friend back...


Just means that now i'm lacking good friends.

i mean, i know a lot of people, but not enough to go on holidays with etc etc.

I've never really had that many friends.  It's sad really, and i'm so jealous of my brother!  He has a good handful (more) decent friends who went Ireland with him for his 21st and who he's going on a European road trip with next year.  They have money too.  That's another issue, my friends are poor students.  the word JOB is not in their vocabulary...


Anyway, i hope next weekend is better!

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