Breaking Dawn

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Have you watched Breaking Dawn yet? 


I went to see it last night with my best friend and my brothers girlfriend.  In preparation i bought malteasers and a block of white chocolate, felt quite sick after though :-x 


It was actually pretty good although compared to the other ones there's not as much action.  I've seen all of the other twilight's and i've also read the books.  Breaking Dawn the book is actually longer than the final harry potter!!  I read it in like 2 days, couldn't put it down!



if you haven't seen the film or read the books and are planning on doing either its probably best if you don't read on!! :D





I don't own the rights to this video or song!  I just think it's some good piano-ing! ;D 


It started off with Jacob getting the ivitation to Bella and Edwards wedding and then taking off into the woods, transforming into wolf form.  Which is what happens in the book, Jacob is upset and angry and goes missing for a while.


He turns up unexpected at the wedding though!  Although when Bella chats about the honey moon being as normal as any other (sex) then he goes flying off the handle and tells Edward that he'll kill her.  And that Bella is sick! haha it was quite funny really, but thinking about it, doing that with a killer dead person isn't exactly romantic in any way... 


Jacob goes off again.  He's really quite dramatic.


They get married and blah blah blah, its all really too perfect and dreamy and i can't help but cringe.  Although the wedding wasn't the worst part for the cringing!!


Yeah, on the honey moon it was the sex scene.  My friend and I were just laughing, thinking that all the dads who'd brought their daughter's were probably thinking 'what the hell'.  Although its hilarious when she wakes up in the morning and the whole bedroom's destroyed!!  Then he spends all of his time trying to tire her out so that she won't want round 2 because Bella was covered in bruises.


I love the two housekeepers, the woman knows what Edward is and is always checking on Bella to see that she's not dead.  


Round 2 occurs- its sooooo embarrassing because she begs him.  laughing with my friend again and majority of the audience.  


Then the morning after she wakes up and he's peed off somewhere to hunt she decides to cook chicken.  It makes her throw up and Eddie walks back in- good timing to see your wife chugging up unchewed food... -_- 

Gross really.


"Pass me my bag" so he does and then she see the tampax and is like 'OMG!!' lol 2+2 = 4. 

to me it seemed a little rushed but meh what you gonna do.


So its true she's pregnant.  


It's really scary because they make Kristen look like a skeleton- pale and supper skinny with bones sticking out, sunken eyes and pale skin.  Possibly computer animation?  Otherwise some DAMN GOOD make-up artists!  The worst parts of it were when she drank blood (just the thought of it o_O ) and then when Bella's spine broke?  The noise of breaking bones goes right through me, and everyone in the crowd covered their eyes and looked away.  She contorted all horrible and then she was going into labour.  


It was awful when they cut her belly and she was screaming, you can imagine the pain!!  In the end Eddie has to bite through with his teeth cause the knife doesnt work.  Out comes a baby, turns out a girl not a boy!  And Bella hold her for a second.  Everything seems good but Jacob, who's there with Ed and Bells shouts her name.  She died!  i felt sorry for Jake who went outside and started crying, Seth the other wolf was upset too.  He went back in to kill the baby?  I'm not sure but he then imprints on her... which was pretty weird.  A baby!?


Meanwhile the wolves (front which Jake's no longer part of the pack with) are attempting to kill bella before she can give birth and all that.  When they learn Jake has imprinted they cannot harm the baby and go away.  


Edwards jabs a needle into Bella's heart (filled with vamp vemon) and bites her all over to get the venom into her veines quicker.  She's not moving so he thinks she's still dead but it turns out that the morphine given to her has just paralysed her.  


It ends with Bella's eyes opening and they're red.  BOOM!!!!


The ending leaves you wanting to watch the rest of it!  It's like it's just starting but in fact its ending!!


That was a crappy and brief over view of the stuff that happened.  Apologies :D  









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