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But seriously, did anyone see that coming on TVD?

I didn't!

Klaus has actually been dispatched.  Well, sort of.  He's been desicated.  AWESOME!


But, what are they going to do now?


They left it on Elena fainting or passing out... or whatever is was that she did.

Meanwhile Stefan and Damon were driving Klaus to the Atlantic so they could dump him at the bottom!

Yeah, as if he's ever going to be found again/make a comeback.


I reckon his sister, Rebekah, will save him.  Something will happen and Klaus will be freed. 

Maybe he can be good?  He sent Caroline home from the school so that she wasn't killed by the crazy vampire-hating Vampire that is Alaric.  Confused?  yeah.  Alaric has gone to the dark side!  I was gutted.


He wanted Elena to kill Caroline, but she wouldn't.  OBV!  They're BFF's!!  And figured out that Alaric wasn't killing her [Elena] because his life was tied to hers!  She began to slit her throat and he released Klaus (Stefan and Damon were on the floor- broken necks?), whom he was about to kill (and possibly kill stefan and Damon, who may/may not have been created from klaus's bloodline) along with Tyler.  Klaus took off with Elena.


We see Klaus begins to drain Elena of her blood, into bloodbags so he can created a few more hybrids.  She dies, Alaric dies.  problem solved.  Tyler sees this and comes back to try and free her.  Klaus then finds out he's no longer sired and asks him how in the hell he managed it.  Tyler talks about love (Caroline) and then tells Klaus he feels sorry for him etc. 


Stefan and Damon turn up and Stefan stabs Klaus in the heart with something.  Meanwhile Bonnie stops Jeremy's heart so that she can desicate Klaus.  It's all going swimmingly too! 

I felt sorry for Klaus then, Stefan seems to as well.  (they were once BFF's too!) but he continues anyway and then Klaus is no more!


They take Elena home, and all her friends are gathered at her house to celebrate no Klaus!  They go home and then that's when Elena passes out.


Alaric meanwhile got himself invted into to the Lockwood residence (at night of course) for a 'council meeting' exposing Liz and the mayoress for being vampire sympathisers.  They say 'stop this' and try to leave but Alaric stops them, also revealing he is a vampire (he had to get from one side of the room to the other in seconds).  And it ends on Elena passing out.  SHIZZLE IS HAPPENING!




I <3 this show!

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