Crazy weather

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So it's Autumn, end of September, and what do you expect?  
Wind and chilly-ish temperatures right?


You'd be wrong in the UK.  We're having some sort of heatwave!!!


 Thought this was a relevant song.  Not really my usual stuff but trolling through youtube does come up with some weird stuff...  Also the video isn't mine so i'm not claiming any rights :) 


Anyway the sun is all well and good when you can enjoy it!!  Between uni and my two jobs i spend most of my time indoors hidden away from the beautiful vitamin D!!!  The weekend tomorrow i hear you say! Yeah, i work both saturday and sunday too.  No rest at all.  


In my spare time i've also been helping my parents do some gardening.  i call it gardening but really its more of landscaping!!  and in this heat it's just awful!!!  


I know my grammar and what not is awful in this blog but i'm in bed and i'm tired when i write this, so i have a good excuse!! :D  


Not that i can sleep, thats the only bad thing about hot weather; sleeping.  Or lack of it.  I can't even open my window neither as i live in an apartment block (ground floor right near the front door)  i hear all the rubbish that goes on outside.  With it being Friday guaranteed to have drunken idiots being loud when they come in at 4 in the morning...  Usually there's some inconsiderate idiot upstaits playing guitar at silly times and chavs outside revving their car engines.  As you do in the early hours of the morning. -_-  unimpressed.  


And why am i not one of these drunken idiots?  Well i'm not feeling too good lately, lack of sleep and stress of life are running me down, then there's money.  i work a lot but i never seem to have any!  Bills and rent and food and petrol.  It's my friends birthday next week too so i have to save money (get her present too)  and get better so that i'll be good to spend the weekend dancing until stupid o'clock!!!


Deadbolt again next week and i'm determined to make my friends dress up.  Don't have a theme i just think it will be fun and different!!  We need more nights of dressing like total idiots, makes you less self conscious of what you're wearing (i.e is it on trend, have people seen me in it before blah blah...) :D  


So at 11.00 pm i thought i'd write a blog, seeing as i've been quiet the past few days.  And here we go, a load of rubbish! Enjoy!! :)  


Very appropriate for not sleeping !

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