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I've just literally finished playing the DLC for Skyrim.  Now Dawnguard's done, what the hell do i do?  i'm continuing playing of course, there's seems to be absolutely loads that i haven't done! 


I've only just completed a quest called 'ill met by moonlight'; the Hircine quest.  That's a quest from Skyrim before Dawnguard.  That's a Daedric Prince quest; he's the prince of man beats and beast alike.  Basically Werewolves, right.  You go talk to some guy in Falkreath prison who tells you he didn't mean to kill that little girl (yeah, sure) but it was the dastardly cursed ring!  You can take the ring or you can tell him to bugger off.  I took the ring.


It makes you turn into a werewolf at any given time- usually at the most inconvenient time and place.  However, i completed the quest ridiculously quickly so that i didn't have the towns people after me for being a werewolf. 


You have to go slay some beast- turns out it's just a rather large, white stag.  I was prepared for a major battle, but i just took aout my bow and shot the fied with an ebony arrow.  i probably could have saved my best bows and used an iron one... anyway, hircine appeared in the form of the Stag's ghost.  He told me he wanted that guy (i think it's the one from prison) dead.  i agreed, of course!  And then you go to join 'The Hunt'.


it sounds mega, like it's going to be savage and ridculously hard.  it isn't.  I wandered around and found a few dead bodies and then i found the guy- or rather, werewolf.  the thing attacked me but it was easily dispatched.  The Hircine appeared as a human and gave he the 'Saviour's hide'.  It's not the best, i prefer my ebony armour that poisons and shrouds me in blackness- a gift from another daedric prince/princess... some look female but are actually male- i don't get it!!  Quest complete anyway.


let's go back to Dawnguard. 


I rate it 9/10.  The questline was great, i love the new stuff... but it was just too 'easy' to complete.  It should be longer, especially for the price i paid.  I mean, microsoft do it so you have to buy more points than you need- i see what they did there!  Crafty buggars!!  So in effect i paid 17 quid for it.  you can get a FULL xbox game for that price (Guaranteed not to be as good, but still).  The best part of Dawnguard- the new places!  Some of them, apart from the Vampire castle- are beautiful!  The Glades where you go to read the Elder Scrolls when the Moth priest goes blind is beautiful.  The soul Cairn, not so. 


The mission to find Arvak's skull was ridiculously hard, yet seriously easy.  I trecked EVERYWHERE! to find it, eventually i resorted to youtube for a little help.  But if you're doing it and can't find it (there's no arrow to guide you) then literally follow the main path until you get pretty close (but not too close!) to the big castle where mummy vampire resides.  it's before a little archway and on your right (If you're facing the castle, opposite if your not).  Continue onto where there's a load of people- should i say 'lost souls', they're blue so they're ghosts- gathered around a little building.  The skull is in the centre.  But beware, as you approach things attack.  Once you find the skull it's easy to dispatch everyone.  Take the skull and then take it back to the guy who wanted you to find it.  He's hanging around nearby so don't worry, there's no need to trek all the way back.  Finding it, for me, was an absolute pain.  maye you can follow directions better than me though!  It said South/South/East.  But i went too far in that direction.  ps, watch out for Keepers, they're mean!  they carry dragonbone weapons that can easily kill you in 2/3 blows!  (When you enter the soul cairn your life and magic etc is reduced if you had your soul trapped, otherwise you became a vamp and are A OK!) 


*I keep wanting to spell skull as scull so i do apologise if one's slipped though!


I swear, the most annoying thing, i don't know if it's because of Dawnguard or it's just normal Skyrim, is the amount of times i caight the vamprie virus.  Everytime i got cured i caught it again!  I wish i'd stayed a werewolf!  i could turn when i wanted (or not, if i didn't) and i never caught diseases, so pesky rats were no issue either.  But i decided to cure myself, and then went hunting vamps.  Bad mistake, getting into close combat with them means you risk contracting the disease!  And i have, several annoying times!


It wouldn't be so bad but you have to wait until you're actually in stage one of becoming a vampire before you can go cure yourself.  it takes a few days to get going.  Then you have to go to an inn (i don't know if all inns are ok) and ask about any rumours, all the while people are telling you 'you don't look so good, are you feeling ok?' and 'Your skins so pale, are you allergic to the sun?'.  they point you to Fallion at morthal.  Make sure you have a black soul gem, that makes it quicker to complete.  he does sell you one, but that means you have to go kill a human and it could take longer, making you progress to stage 2.  Do people in towns attack you at that stage?  i'd rather not risk it! 


I chose the Dawnguard's side, at first i chose the Vampire lord to check it out, the powers are cool but i fast travelled to a town and everyone began attacking me.  I just wanted to be able to go around and do normal, smaller quests without worrying about the towns folk turning on me!  So i reloaded and declined the offer of the head vamps blood!  maybe i'll have to continue with that quest line when i'm fresh out of other stuff.


I'm level 51 at the minute, i think Two-handed and sneak are at 100, possibly one other skill but i'm not sure, and it is getting so hard to level up!  I even have the Lover's stone activated so i gain experience 15% quicker in all skills.  it's helped a little, but now... there seems to be too many deathlords and overlords coming at me at once to try and use anything but a two-handed weapon!  My others skills are pretty rubbish, at like 60 or so but without any skill perks used on them.  I'm enjoying archery though, i have Auriel's bow, which does triple damage- when used with the sunhallowed? arrows- to undead.  vampires and Drugr BEWARE!!! 


Any tips on levelling up would be great!

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