Desperate Housewives

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I can't really think what to write about, although i'm sure by the end of this post i'll have written about a bunch of stupid things nobody's interested in!


I'm missing Vampire Diaries...


Although, i've fileld my time with Desperate Housewives!


I used to watch this religously when i lived with my parents- they had sky plus and i could record it when i wasn't going to be in to watch it/going bed early because i was sad.


I never saw season 1, not sure about season 2 either.  I didn't catch it from the very beginning because when it first came out i think i was a little 'young' for it.  Anyway, the last time i watched it i'd left it halfway through season 7.


It's on season 8 now, the last episode is airing soon!  So i've been catching up online.  God Bless the internet!!! :)


I'm on episode 6 of season 8 now.  i think there's 25 or so episodes, enough to last me a few... days? 

Suppose then i'll go back to watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z!


I'm telling you, the writers of Dezza Housewives are brilliant!  I really love the characters too, i think the actors/actressess are the best, they really fit well together and make the programme more 'real'.

I love Eva Longoria, her character is hilarious!  Always saying something totally inappropriate when things are going serious. 







At the moment they're digging up a body.


Yes, that's right.


Carlos killed Gabby's step dad- who was about to rape her (like he'd done to her when she was 15)- by hitting him over the head with a candle stick in the living room.  Sounds like Cluedo right!

This was on the night of Susans welcome back dinner parties (one course at each house...) and they walked in to see the dead man on the floor.


Bree, ever the calm one.  Told them they'd deal with it, so they put the body in the coffee table (which was like a chest) and continued with the meal.  Creepy really, then after dinner they disposed of the body in a shallow grave in the woods.


The new neighbour got Bree to make a speech to- the council?  To allow the building of low rent housing for the poor and homless.  Motion passed, forward to the construction site.


It's only the woods where the body's buried!  Who'd have thought eh?


So yeah, on halloween- really great choice of evening- they went back to the woods to attempt to re-bury, or hide, the body. I think Bree was thinking she'd sink it in the lake. 

Someone's in the woods too though and they have to all split up.

Eventually they come back together, finding the grave open and empty.  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!

Someone knows.


Bree did get that letter telling her 'i know what you did.  it's sick'... and something else but i can't remember.  It's the same letter (apparently- because i never saw the first series) Mary-Ellis got before she commited suicide.  Ooh-er!


Aside from that, i really want Lynette and Tom to sort things out and get back together.  They've separated and he's seeing someone already.  You know, if you want to sort something out that's gonna be kinda hard when you're trying to move on...

Decide one way or the other!


Also, how skinny is Terri Hatcher (Susan)!!  Her legs... i'd love those pins.  Bitch...


Just kidding, but seriously, i'd love her legs.


Told you i'd find something to write about by the end...


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