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Just found my diary.  It's not very old, apparently, so it says on the first page, my gran bought me it for christmas.  
I remember saying to her that I would love to write a book but I never know where to start.  She said if I keep a diary it might help me creatively.  So far it hasn't worked. And i have these blogs now too.


So what's in the diary?  As i read through i realised how pathetic I was just under a year ago.  How come?  Because of a boy- isn't it always.  


Mostly i've written tales of the awful break-up and that general stuff.  We got back together for a little while, went on holiday.  That was when it all went wrong.  


Two whole weeks of sun, sea and sand in Egypt.  A really nice resort and friendly people.  All was well until i found out something I really didn't like.  (I have quite strong beliefs and morals so when something offends me it usually makes me hate the person :) ) and so the break-up occurred not even 1 week into the holiday.  Bad times.


I was quite happy to carry on staying there together, i wasn't really bothered with the non-socialness, there were lots of other people! But he didn't like it when other people were talking to me and one day he went absolutely mental!!  


Early flight home at a cost of £200 and a huge £200 phone bill from calling the parents for help!  (Love my parents!!!)  

Seriously you could make an action-packed thriller movie out of my life!!  so got home and he went away on a free holiday paid for by his dad, whilst he still owes me to this day (and im not gonna get it back :'( ) £460!!!!!  2 whole years we dated too, no respect at all for me!


That last week of my holiday spent in England was THE BEST week ever!!  I called up my friend Mark and said "Lets go out!"  Mark is never one to let a friend down or turn down a night out.  That week i tagged along to social events and i met a load of new people, who are, months later, now known as my friends.  I'm never short of things to do now! :D


What have i learnt?  I was naive to think things would be better the third time around, i was stupid to fall out of touch with friends when in a relationship and i was also stupid for getting into that relationship in the first place!!


So who wants the movie rights? :D  Thats only the one tale from my diary...  oh dear.  Must have to make a sequel...




I think the song is VERY appropriate ;D  

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