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My lifetime dream is to move to America.


I've wanted to do it since i was probably 10.

And now i'm almost 21.

It's still something i really want to persue.  When i finish uni i'm going to start looking into it further.


I'd really like to know where to start though.  You'd need a job over there right?  That would earn you a green card.  or would you just fly out there for a year and see what you can get?  But then if you fail you'll end up coming back to nothing, not even a job in the UK.


It's going to be very difficult.  For one, you need to get a job or at least have a decent amount of money to move over there, you need your green card and then once you move you'll be all alone.

However, to me, it would all be worth it.  i'd work in a cafe if it meant i could live in America.  I'd have money to live whilst i looked for my career.


Could really use some advice though, where in the hell do i start?!


Start with why?


I'm not really sure, there's a certain lifestyle i want and i think it'll be over there.  i love the UK but i want to explore new things and see more of the world.  More opportunities maybe?

A fresh new start is what appeals to me the greatest.


I can be whoever i want to be and escape my past.

Sounds like i'm a murderer or something.




I mean get away from all the people you don't like- obviously, there'll be people all over to dislike- and start a new life.  I'll miss my family but i'd get a house with enough rooms for them to stay over!  Fly them out twice a year for holidays!  I have it all planned out... in my head.


I just need to know how to make it into a reality!


Anyone have any jobs going in America?


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