Ed Sheeran

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I tell you what, this lad is brilliant!!


He's one of my favourite gingers... except for Rupert Grint. Aka Ron Weasley ;) 

Oh wait, i can see both at the same time!!  (These videos/songs aren't mine and i don't own any of it.  Just for reference :) no copyright intended). 




Although NOTHING beats this video below:




I mean, what beats a talking cat that gets drunk with you?!  No seriously, this is my favourite Ed song at the minute, i can't seem to get it out of my head :0


Ed, that's so annoying you know!


And i heard him singing live, i think it was T4 one time, and i was just like 'wow'.  You know how most of these singers can't actually sing live, well he's absolutely brilliant.  Sounds the same as he does recorded.  Which i think is something he should be VERY proud of!!!  No auto-tune required :)


Hopefully some time soon i'll be able to get myself a ticket to go and see him!  Some of my friends have already seen him live three times!


Some pocket money for you Mr Sheeran ;) 


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