Euro12 (Deux)

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England didn't do too bad did they?

1-1 with France ain't bad at all.  Especially since France had been unbeaten in so many matches.

Lescott's goal was brill- a header that went right in!


Although Gerrard's free kick was the reason everyone wa in the box in the first places.  Nasri went and equilised though didn't he!  A whole 10 minutes later... -_-

The reff as well.  Italian wasn't he?  Anyway. talk about one sided.  2 England player got yellow cards: Oxlade-Chamberlain (can't spell) on his first England match too and i can't remember who else, was it Welbeck?  If they got carded then so should a few of the Frenchies who were fouling.  Or at least England should've been given a free kick.  Tool.  Just our luck to get a reff who seems to hate us.


Then again, we're English, everybody hates us.  Sorry for our behaviour in the MIDDLE AGES!  Jeez, talk about holding a grudge! haha


Gerrard, when asked if he thought the reff was biased, replied saying that the reff was doing his job and he probably gave them things they shouldn't have and that they weren't going to use that as an excuse.  Bravo!  Is this a new England team we see?  No crappy excuses for the way they played?  Just like he said they weren't going to use the weather as an excuse- wouldn't fancy playing footy in 30 degrees heat.  Felt sorry for the two teams!  I think i'd pass out in the first 10 mins, and running?  NO WAY!!


Then Ukraine went on to beat Sweden 2-1!  What the hell Sweden??  Ukraine's first ever Euro match and they win.  The odds were in Swedens favour but Ukraine, i thought, played so much better!  I was confused for a long time though, thinknig the Yellow's were the Swedes- turns out they were the Ukranians.... oops.  But i realised this when i thought Ukraine had scored but the point went on Swedens tally... such a fool.

Rosenberg is one good looking man!  (Swedish player)


Last night there was a match on that i missed and i only managed to catch the last 20 mins of the Poland V Russia match.  It was a good one though and i saw that brilliant goal from Poland!  I've seen that the man who scored watched his dad murder his mum :0 and then he goes on to make his mum and his coutnry proud!  Good for him!


it kicked off though didn't it!  I'm not surprised though, there's a lot of hate between Russia and Poland- 2nd world war stuff.  Everyone's holding grudges!  That was the past, completely different generation of people!  People today cannot be held responsible for what their ancestors did many years ago!  Forgive and forget?


World peace is NEVER going to happen though is it?


England V Sweden Friday! 

We're not so worried about Sweden now but i tell you- Ukraine played great!  i was very impressed with their skills.  Let's just hope that we can draw.  A win would be better but, losing is not an option if we want the next round!  I'm not sure if i want France to lose to Ukraine.  Which ever gives us a better chance! haha  But i do hate the French football team.  Nasri you bean!

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