Feeling smug!

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I got 90% for my Final year Project Proposal!


And i am ridiculously happy about it!  I can't believe it!  I'm rather proud of myself too!
That has bumped up my grade, which for that unit, was brought down by a 62% mark for some stupid poster.  The 'poster' was more like a leaflet to be honest, they wanted so much information on it.  And posters are usually a few words and pictures.  Well yeah. i did what they asked and it got me that.  brilliant...


But my EBR- Evidenced based Review- got 85% so, so far i have 90%, 85% and that 65% bringing the total for that unit above 70%. 


I've been attempting to see what i'll get for this year, it looks like i'll get around 60-70%.  I'm happy with that, it's about 12% towards next years grade!  Which means i only need to pass at 60% for my 3rd year to get a FIRST!!

I think that's how it works anyway. 

This is dependant on my exam results though, and hopefully they'll be at least 60%!!


I'll be getting a letter in the post with all my grades on and what mark i've passed this year at (yeah, even if i failed my exams and got 0% i've still passed!) and it's always a hold-your-breath moment as you read down towards the total...  I WANT MY 12% TOWARDS NEXT YEAR!!!


But seriously though, 90%!!!!  I am sosososososososososososo HAPPY!!!  Celebratory drinks at the weekend.  Fo'surrre!

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