Final episode of Vamps season 3!

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Just some of the words to describe how i felt after 'the departed' had finished.  I did not see any of that coming.  it was quite a teary episode.  SPOILERS****


But first, here's the promo!  I do not own this video and do not intend to infringe copyright laws!






I really miss Aunt jenna, the actress Sarah is just so amazing!  And she was in this last episode, yeah, it was just a few flashback scenes but my God they were good!  Seeing the events that unfolded the day/night of that fatal accident.


It's ALL Matt''s fault!  Seriously, Elena told him she was having family night but he told her to ditch it and come to the party that was happening that night.

She went too, but had a fall out with Matt when he started talking about their future.  She wasn't really into Matt, and the whole 'marriage' and 'our future' thing got to her.  This was when she called Aunt Jenna and asked to be picked up.  And that was how she and her parents ended up in that car in the first place.  The car that went plummeting off that bridge, killing her mother and father. 


So, i said the last episode ended with Elena collapsing.  But all is well!  She only had 'concussion'.  They all set up a plan, dump Klaus's body and then somehow deal with Alaric.  However Elija comes back!  And he and Elena make a deal, Klaus's body and then they'll keep Alaric chasing them- and he won't undesicate Klaus with in hers or her childrens life time.  He gives Elena 'his word'.  As it's beenm everyone's 'Word' has always been broken and people have been screwed over.  Damon is saying 'no' on the phone, meanwhile Stefan tells Elena it's her choice.  Of course, Elena agrees.


Damon took the body to a storage unit and Bonnie asks to be alone so she can revel in the fact that the guy who's caused so much trouble has been stopped.  Creepily he opens his eyes, that made me jump a little!  Then she goes on her merry way. 


Damon stays and waits for Rebekah but when she turns up her finds out it's Alaric.  Alaric then preceded to break Damon's neck.  Rebekah comes in and is telling Damon to stop messing around, not realising Alaric is there.  Damon grabs her and then they both grab Klaus's body and make a beeline for the exit.


In the meantime, Mrs Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes had Caroline and Tyler meet them to tell them to leave town because the town's people know about them and are coming after them.  They are reluctant until the parents say that they cannot lose their children.  They agree to meet up 2 hours later at the Lockwood -basement? Wherever it was that tyler and his unlce used to go to chain themselves up on the full moon. 


Zoom back to Rebekah and Damon.  Alaric catches them before they leave and throws 'Sexy bex' (As Damon called her) against the wall.  He goes on to stake Klaus and Damon then tells Rebekah to run!


So, Klaus is dead.  What happens to the bloodline?


All whilst this has been happening Matt and jeremy had drugged Elena and Matt was in the process of driving her out of town.  That's when she gets the call from Damon and Matt tells her she only had time to go say goodbye to one of the Salvatores (she's like halfway between them, as Damon was 100 miles out of town or something).  She picks Stefan and tells Damon she's setting him free. 

Damon was sososososo gutted!  That gutted that when he says his goodbye to Elena (he see's Alaric has returned) he doesn't fight Alaric back when he begins to beat the crap out of him!  He gets thrown to the floor and is all beaten and bloody but he also has a flashback!


We see the night Elena was waiting for the ride home from the party meeting Damon who greets her with 'Katherine?'.  ironic because Elena had said that had she met him first things might have been different.  He compelled her to forget meeting him because he didn't want anyone to know he was in town yet. So technically, she did meet him before Stefan.


And then he suddenly grabs the stake that is zooming towards his heart and begins to fight back.


not for much longer mind, as Alaric starts to get weaker.  Damon is holding him on the floor going 'nooooo' as he realises that Elena is dying/dead. 


While the epic Damon-Alaric fight scene is taking place, Stefan gets a call from Rebekah saying the deals off as Klaus is dead and Alaric is still out there.  She stands in the road on the bridge and whilst Matt and Elena are coming to terms with losing Tyler, Elena yells 'LOOK OUT!' as they're driving.


They swerve and dive off the bridge.  Elena is still alive but Matt is unconscious.  Stefan gets there but only has time to save one.


bring on the flashbacks!  This is the same as when Stefan saved Elena the first time, her dad told him to save Elena but this time Elena was telling him to save Matt.  Stefan's reluctant but he does so!  Elena drowns.


Damon goes rushing to the hospital though, all angry and really upset, but Dr fell tells him that Elena didn't just have 'concussion'- see where i was going with the quotation marks earleir?

it was a brain haemorrage (can't spell!) and she needed help.  Help as in, Dr Fell gave her vampire blood.




It ends on Elena breathing in and waking up!



Bring on series 4 with vamp Elena!


She's going to remember all of the things Damon compelled her to forget!  So, she chose Stefan as a human but will that knowledge make her change her mind?  i mean Steffie's not really the best role model, what with the whole 'Ripper' thing he had going down. 


Alaric is officially dead too.  He goes to say goodbye to Jeremy, who then realises what that means!

Tyler is dead too...

or is he?


He's not!!! YAY!!!


Bonnie had performed a spell putting Klaus in Tyler's body, so that when Klaus's body was staked, Klaus didn't die and so neither did any of Bonnie's friends or her mother.  She had too many people to lose.  i did not see that coming, but i did wonder what they'd do without klaus in it!  But he's going to be pissed when he finds out Rebekah killed the Doppleganger (who's now a vamp) and cannot create ANY hybrids whatsoever now.


But rebekah did it cause she thought Klaus was dead, she might not have if hse knew he was still alive.

And then it comes back to Matt and Jeremy, who made that plan to take her out of town.  if they hadn't she'd have not been on that bridge and none of that would've happened.  Then again if Damon had been the one to get to the car crash, he'd have saved Elena and let Matt die, so Elena wouldn't have become a vamp.



But when Caroline was saying her goodbyes to 'Tyler' she was actually snogging Klaus, so she's not going to be best pleased with that fact either!



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