Goregeous weather!

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It's absolutely lovely today!

it was yesterday too! 


All i did yesterday was work and then play on the xbox.  Not exactly what you'd call 'enjoying the sun'.  Although i did have the window open!  That counts right?


But tonight i'm going to the pub, it's called 'The Hare and Hounds' up on Werneth Lowe.  Great views of manchester and surrounding areas from there ya know!

I think it's today anyway.  Today or next Tuesday, but i'm pretty sure it's today.  Hopefully i'll be able to sit outside in the sun!  I bet it will be busy though :(


Busy is good, but then there's too busy you can't even get a seat!


I really want to go to the gym today too, don't know what it is about the sun.  Maybe bikini body comes to mind?

Not sure why though, not like i'm getting a summer holiday is it?!

Oh well, a glass of wine will suffice!


Right now i'm at work though.  Drooling at the thought of a nice chilled beverage!  :)

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