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I'm not minding the colour my hair is right now.  I'm not really sure what colour it is to be honest too.  Blonde/brown/ginger.  Whatever it is it's better than full on bright ginger.  It just does not match my skin tone.  Everyone's saying its 'this' colour or 'that' colour, all different so as long as they all don't say its ginger i'm not fussed.  


I reckon i will have to dye it a light brown in a few weeks though, just to totally kill the red tones that i don't want, blondes really aren't the best colours for hiding/covering wrong colours, they're just too light.  Lesson learnt there.  


I also feel better as my mum said my cousin attempted the same thing, dark brown-->blonde.  Her mum (my aunty, mum's sister) did it for her and her hair turned green!!!  I'm glad mine didn't go green.  So then she tried to cover it over and it then went ginger.  She cried like me over her hair disaster.  In the end she put a light brown over it and its fixed-ish.  i've not seen it or my cousin so i don't know if its the colour she actually wanted.  



below is a song by parkway dive, i absolutely love these guys, really heavy though!!  i'd like to add i don't own any rights and i don't intend to breech copyright laws!! :)



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