Harper's Island

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Did anyone ever watch this?


I was quite shocked at how gruesome it was to be honest.  It was also confusing, but hey, that's just me!  It was on a while ago anyway, like 3 years maybe?

It was on BBC3 anyway.  I had the series recording when i lived with my parents.  Sky+ is great! 


So basically, there's an island- don't know what would give you that idea!  And many years ago some guy went crazy and started killing its inhabitants.  One family send their daughter away to live in California (i think anyway) to keep her safe.  The Sheriff catches the guy anyway- or so we're led to believe!  She doesn't ever return to the island until her good friend decided it would be a good place for a wedding.  FOOLS!!


Of course, the first episode starts with a murder.  Cousin Bob... or whatever he was... doesn't turn up.  They wait for a little while but in the end they have to set off.  Little do they know that Cousin Bob was there, not technically on the boat, but he was there!  He was in the water roped around the propellor area.  Yep.  You guessed it.  When they set off poor old Cousin Bob was a gonner.  Blood trailed out from the boat, not that they noticed anything.  Too busy drinking champagne and celebrating.  Pretty sure he lost his head, but either way, he got chopped. 


Keeping him breathing under water so that he knew what was coming... the propellor blades... at his face!  Nasty.


So episode one, murder one.


After that, at least one person dies each episode in completely horrific ways.  I can't remember if they ever found out what happened to cousin Bob.  I think some sort of storm hits- totally not predictable- and they get stranded on the island with a psychotic serial killer.  People start to think it's either one of them or the guy, way back when, who was the first psychotic serial killer haunting them.  Something like that anyway.


I'm being very vague. i know.  or rather i don't, that's my point.  I watched these years ago and i\ve only just remembered the series, memory= foggy!

I just know people die, and there's a mega plot twist.  You should watch it for those reasons, i guess more for the plot twist.  Watching it for the deaths would make you... well, possibly a psychotic serial killer.


yeah, so cousin Bob got chopped up by the boat propellor, (i can't remember the name or gender of anyone else but cousin Bob).  On day one.  After that others got holes blow through them with shotguns when they opened up their car boot, someone had their neck snapped via hanging, someone got stabbed through the sofa with garden shears.  Erm what else?  Oh yeah, somes one accidentally shot themselve- what IDIOTS!  Someone bled to death when they were stabbed, someone was decapitated... oh and lovely, someone was shot with a harpoon trhough the chest and dragged away with it. Then someone gets thrown off this mega high bridge into the rocky water below, his girlfriend see's what happened and then decides to commit suicide.  better that way than being murdered.  less painful than a harpoon to the chest.


There's only 4/5 people left and they discover the sheriff has lied about capturing the crazed killer- or his death anyway, apparently he was dead... but then apparently not.  The groom and his wife are left, and his friend (the one who was sent to California) and a few others.  They all go exploring but nothing happens to them whilst the groom is with them.  See where i'm going with this?


The groom leaves his wife in the apartment and goes off looking for someone, then someone attacks her (she may have died, but i can't remember)...


By this time, you're pretty sure who the murderer is.  until all is revealed that the groom has been killing everyone off (with the help of the crazy killer i think) so that just him and California girl could be together.  Yeah, she wasn't best pleased when she learned this.


They live together for a while, he's a total psycho and she doen't want to die- i mean, who does really?  biding her time for an escape plan.  She does escape, and he dies, but it's all foggy... something happens and all is happily ever after.  Did California girl have a boyfriend?  i think she did, maybe he saved her?  Or maybe he died...




here's a trailer, to which i don't own any of the rights to!   15/18 rating depending on your tolerance to gruesome deaths :


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