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Have you been watching hollyoaks?  I've just been watching it lately, i've not really had time to watch it over the past months.  I used to watch it all the time, but i've been watching it for the Costello wedding.  I know its not real, however can you imagine how Riley feels?  I bet it happens in real life too, daughter-in laws (almost) having affairs with the boyfriends fathers.  It sounds sick.  it is sick!!


Its just so awful!!  I really wanted Mercedes and Riley to get married and be all happy and everything!!  Especially with a kid!!  Although it might not have been his!! :0 


And then there's Carl Costello.  I hate that man, i hate the actor too, he's just got on of those faces haha whatever that actually means!!  Heidi, his wife, isn't much better, when she had that affair with Gaz.  EWWWW!!!!!  Why the hell?!?!?!  The whole storyline was ridiculous!!    Those two should just call it quits and divorce, i know i couldn't cope with that in real life! 


And Silas, the grandad.  He's a serial woman killer and i just find his face so creepy!!!  He's probably going to kill of mercedes now he's found out about the affair.  Never the man, always the woman.  If we were like him and decided to hate all men we'd call them cheating, perving scum :)  But as it happens i'm quite a fan of the guys (some of them more than others...)  


The whole storyline's in hollyoaks can be a bit whack, so i wonder whats' going to happen now!!  I probably won't watch it for a while now and miss it all haha 



I don't own any rights to this video by the way! :D  I just love the advert, it was better than the actual wedding show itself!!  Mercedes/Jennifer Metcalfe, is sooooooooo damn pretty!!! She looks amazing in this video, guys you may drool!  However she plays an awful cheap, slutty cheat and its a shame because i imagine she's nothing like that in real life.  She lies about everything on the show and i think for once they should give her a story line where she actually doesn't lie and nothing bad happend and she can actually have a happy ending!! :)  Everyone deserves a happy ending :)

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