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I went to Huddersfield last night for a friends 21st birthday.  It was brilliant!


I feel awful today though.  And i've just ordered a take away from  I love and hate that website, just because it makes it so much easier to order take aways cause you dont have to go out the house and you don't have to pay cash!!




So we went Huddersfield, my first time out in anywhere but manchester!  It was the best night out i've had in a while!!  I met a load of new people too, and they're all so great!  


We all went out dressed as Zombies, i know, you're thinking its not halloween however he really wanted us to dress up because he loves zombies!!  Fake blood, back combed hair and ripped clothes actually make you look good i realised.


Pre drinks, whilst getting ready at our friends house, where we met his flat mates, they're so friendly and it makes a change to annoying unfriendly people :)

Then we went to a place called parish?  Really atmospheric place, friendly vibe and great service.  I love it when the bar staff interact with us!!! haha  


After that a gaybar called Chads.  and then onto Camel.  I laughed at the name of this club, camel?!  What sort of a name is that?!  haha well putting the name of the club asside it was brilliant!!  It was like an under ground cave, nothing like i've been to, and it was absolutely packed out!!!  


I'M REGRETTING THE FAKE BLOOD!!!! it's not coming off!!  We ended up having to get a coach back from Huddersfield, because on Sunday they were doing things on our route so trains weren't running.  Wasp.  That was what was on the coach with us!  We were sat casually with our McDonalds on the back of the coach, more room at the back, when it comes along.  And it was HUGE!! Never seen one that big!!! it was obsessed with attacking us as well, not impressed with that.  Eventually we moved towards the front of the coach, with everyone giving us funny looks as we were still in our zombie state.  I'm so glad i've had a shower now, i was in there for ages!!!  And rid of wasps.


All im doing now is watching Futurama and waiting for my take away!! soo soo soo hungry!!!  I'm also mega tired because i went to deadbolt on Friday and didn't get in until 5- i had work at 9.30 too.  And then i went out last night and had to rush straight to train station after 9 hours of work so no power nap :'( 


Feel sorry for me :)  


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