I can write but I can't write fiction...

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I'd really love to be an author of fiction.  I can do the whole blogs/diary/Informative/letters/descriptions/short stories but i cannot for the life of me write an actual 'novel' or general fiction book!!


I absolutely love reading, and my English skills are indeed very good, my imagination is crazy too.  All the ingredients to write a bloody brilliant novel right?  Erm, not quite.

It seems i'm not blessed with that talent.


Don't get me wrong, i can start it.  My beginnings are actually pretty good (well i think so lol) but then its the question of 'where do i go from here'.  I have an idea in my head but it seems i can't get it onto paper very well.  I've been attempting to write books for some years now, since i was 15- i'm now 20- so you'd have thought i'd have gotten somewhere by now. Obviously not.  


I don't want to necessarily write books for other people to read, i just like the idea of doing something that you really love- and writing is what i really love!  So i guess i could write a load of crap if only i'm going to be reading it haha.


I'd say my favourite genre is probably fantasy.  Harry Potter is THE best.  They are definitely my favourite books- although everyone is always saying that they're not very well written.  I don't care, her ideas were brilliant- wish i'd have thought all that up- and she creates the imagery in your head, so in my opinion that's a good book!!  These critics do make me laugh sometimes.  


I read a lot of the Vampire books, like Vampire Diaries/Twilight/Nightworld etc etc.  Although i normally say the books are better than the film/series, i have to say that the Vampire Diaries on telly is so so so much better!! It's more believable than the books- which are pretty ridiculous- still i read then :)

But then i also read those books by Jackie Collins- proper raunchy they are- and then those crime and thriller books.  I'm in love with CSI!!  So these books are the closest thing when CSI isn't on! haha  I watched 'Along came a Spider' the other day.  Based on James Patterson's book- amazing film!  Epic plot twist that i was NOT expecting!!

Anyway... back to the point.


What am I doing wrong?  



Below is a song/video about dreams.  Sort of.  This is how random i am and how many different things i like.  I don't intend to infringe copyright, none of the below is owned by me :)




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