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It's true, i am alive!  Although i have been very busy lately so i've had no time to post :'(


I had the 'Eastpak Antidote tour' on Tuesday!!! 
OMG it was AMAZING!!!


There was:

  • Living with lions
  • The ghost inside
  • August burns red
  • A day to remember 

The bands were just sooooo good!! Even though i almost died in the mosh pit!!  I thought 'meh it won't be that big and i'll be safe here' and where i was, was front and centre.  I wasn't safe, not at all!  Pushing and shoving, being crushed and stood on- oh and kicked in the head by crowd surfers.  How can i say this was an amazing gig?


Well i hardly felt the pain when the bands came on.


I went with my friend Mark, but i kind of lost him after around half an hour so i spent the whole gig on my own screaming, singing and generally being crazy!!


The main band i went to see was ADTR however the other bands were just as good!  It was all different music and i was annoyed that i hadn't really listened to the other bands and couldn't sing along :( instead i screamed and jumped around haha


August burns red has an amazing stage presence, even though the lead singer gets a mega sweat on!! ;D  

It was a sold out gig and i bought and ADTR t-shirt.  £20.  Bit of a rip off but i do love it!

The gig was at the Manchester academies (number 1) and it got so hot in there that i eventually had to leave my place near the front (which was hard to do as it was so packed there) and go get a drink of water.  People were fainting and everything cause it was so hot!


ADTR's lead singer got into what i call a human 'hamster-ball' and crowd surfed, that was epic!!!  He also did an acoustic song called 'have faith in me'- SO GOOD!!!


After the gig we went to the satans after party and met up with a load of friends, and it was one of my friends birthdays too!!  Joint celebration.  The ABR and TGI band members were socialising with us fans and i have major respect for them for doing that.  ADTR really pissed off their fans as they didn't bother to thank their fans at the after party and were generally ignorant.  They were only letting barely dressed girls into their provate room which was really unfair as i know a lot of guys that are huge fans (my friend mark) and so they disappointed A LOT of fans.  However, screw them, people who think they're too good for 'normal people' are not worth my time at all! :)


PS.  All of the bands were American and when they said 'manchester', just HA!  That made my day! :')

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