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So i keep flitting to different topics, keep it fresh?  Or am i just plain annpying you lot?  Well, the last two blogs are related.  Vampire Diaries was created by none other than L.J. Smith herself.


Funny though because i just typed her name into to google images and a mixture of vampire diaries, a woman and American football images appeared.  What a strange combination.  Have you ever googled yourself?  I have, not that we like to admit these things... I wasn't ebing big headed i was just curious if i was on there.  And i was.  karate pictures from when i was like 11.  How embarrassing, i wished i'd never looked because then i would never have known!!!


Back to the topic.  As well as Vampire Diaries she wrote another of my favourite book series.  They're called 'Night World' . Basically they're about vampires, witches and werewolves, anything supernatural and they're in those books!


There's like 11 or 12 books, i can't actually remember thinking about it, in the series and i've read all of them.  So you must think i have thousands of books in my room somewhere, well yes.  But not in the physical sense, i have a kindle.  THE BEST thing i have ever bought!!!  Seriously is.  I love reading and this is the easiet way to read/buy books/store books.  
I paid £4.99 each for the nightw world books and i read them VERY quickly, because i'm superman in disguise ;)
Imagine how much i spent!! It was actually cheaper to by the paperbacks, at like £2.00 each or even cheaper on ebay and amazon etc.  


I guess i know a lot of places to find bargains, but usually its too late for me to save money -_-


What're they about then?


They follow the same plot pretty much, you'd think that would get boring right?  

Wrong.  Each book is dedicated to a different person.  Same plot, different person, all coming together at the end.  Actually, i can't even remember if the last one was the end or whether there's another one to come.  Memory like a sieve!!  Sorry guys.


This plot is about the different groups, vampires and witches and werewolves and how they all pretty much hate each other and the vampires (mainly) want to destroy everyone else so they can rule the world.  Typical selfish vamps!! 


But then each book two people fall for each other and are 'sould mates', part of the universe' plans to bring them all together and fight the evil.  It's not all flowers and romance though cause some of the people hate each other, and that would be a problem.  


I'm only going to talk about the first book in small detail.  I have to say firstly though that when i read the second book i was expecting the characters in the first book to be the main focus, however they were not and it was quite surprising to not have just the one main character.  I think L.J. Smith brings them all together nicely though :)


Book 1:


It starts off with the usual.  There's a girl, her family and her best friend- who happens to be a guy she likes too.  But the boy keeps her in the friend zone and always has a different girlfriend/girl.  

The girl begins to get ill, losing weight, dizziness etc. and everyone gets worried, especially her best friend.  Although, we know that the girl has actually been feeling ill for much longer and her family didn't have a clue.  Bad stomach pains mainly.  So her mum packs her off to the docs, where everyone expects the results to come back normal.  It doesn't happen like that of course and she's called back to see the doctor.  And everyone in reality knows that this is never going to be a good thing.  


it turns out the doc wants to do more tests and once they've all been done the doctor takes her parents out of the room and tells them his discovery.  They try and cover it up, not wanting to tell their daughter.  


It's really a sad story, she finds out she has pancreatic cancer and there is no cure for it.  She doesn't have long left to live.  What's so sad is that it happens in real life and it's quite good of the author to use to realistic circumstances and talk about how the family feels and how the girl feels when she finds out.  


Her best friend comes to see her in hospital and he's really upset.  he's also torn about what he should do.  he reveals he's a vampire and that he could save her life, however it's illegal for him to do so and that if they get caught she will be killed.  So it's a loose-loose for the girl -_-


Slowly they exchange blood?  or he feeds her his blood, i can't exactly remember (AGAIN!!!) but her brother walks in on it one time and so he has to be told of the secret too.  He isn't sure about it but he doesn't want to see his sister die so he keeps the secret and lets them continue.  He's very protective and tried to stop him from 'messing with his sick sisters mind' by 'pretending to like her'.  But we know this isn't the case!


She dies.  BUT, the process is complete.  She's burried and her best friend and brother dig her up a few days later, when she's transformed and awake.  Then they go off together really, cause everyone think's she's dead she's free to go.  It turns out they are soul mates.  At the end another character called 'Ash' is introduced, he's the best friends cousin and he wants to grass on him for creating an illegal vampire.  He thinks he's God's gift too and i think he tries it on with the girl... its most probable.  how will it all end?!?!  


And thats the very sketchy goings on of the first book in the series...  and i mean ridiculously sketchy!! :)  

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