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I know.  I'm a few years out right?


I only decided to watch it because i was bored and there was nothing on the telly.  Step in BT vision and their Drama shows...


I chose Lost.  Wanted to see what all the fuss was about to be honest.  It's alright i guess, i'm on episode 5 of series 1 and i'm already confused.  I'll stick with it though, seeing as there's no more vamp diaries for a while i need some other sci-fi/thriller tv show to watch! 


Also, Ian Somerhalder...

But he looks kinda... young in it.  Which is good, he's a cutie... but jail bait...

no seriously, he's, what?  Probably mid 20's?  Of course he's 30's now isn't he?


I don't actually know, which is good, proves i'm no psycho stalker!

Anyway, he plays the brother of that really annoying and self-centred girl.  She's funny though.  Someone dies and she's all 'so there's no food still?' erm no, the man DIED!  hahaa!


But i have to say, as well as his looks, hos acting has improved with age.  He plays the 'Damon Salvatore' character better than the- what's his name in Lost? Maybe it's because i don't really like his character in lost.  I do like 'Jack' though, not sure of the actors name but he's brilliant!

and the guy with his son and dog, he's too funny!  Especially when he saw the Korean? (i'm sure that's where they said she was from) Ladie's jugs xD

What is going on with her husband?  She looks terrified of him!


And that 'thing' in the bushes that takes down trees.  It sprayed that captains blood all over to cockpit windows in the 1st episode.  lovely. 

Pretty sure Locke? Lock?  That old man, saw it.  He said he looked the island right in its eye and it was beautiful.  And the beast thing was heading right towards him.  The bushes rustling and he was just staring and not moving whilst whatever it was, was heading towards him. 

Then again, if i was him, i'd probably be the same!  I mean, that plane crash enabled him to walk for the first time in years!  A miracle!  I'd be completely into life again and probably tell people to stop telling me 'what i can't do', as he does. 


And another thing bothering me in the convict.  What crime did she commit?  It couldn't have been murder because she pulled the old man from the burning car and applied her US Marshall's face mask when the plane was beginning to crash and he'd been whacked on the head with a suitcase.

So much blood...



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