Magic Mike

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I went to see this on Saturday with my friend Linzi.


It was THE best, worst film ever!!


I mean what's better than Channing Tatum taking off his clothes.  Not the story line anyway...

It was a weird film, kind of no point to it.  And the ending.  My Lord, what the hell was that?! 






It had Alex Pettyfer in it, he played 'The Kid'.  Sort of the protege (spelt right?) of Magic Mike (Tatum) but you know, things turn crazy and Alex get's all big headed- What with all the money and the girls.  Then comes the drugs.  Stuff happens, drugs are lost and money is owed.


Tatum pays the 10 grand and then basically decides he doesn't want to be a 30 year old male stripper, he wants to make his own furniture and set up a business.  He was only a male stripepr for cash, then he had to spend the cash he'd saved on that little fool!  Back to square one.  'The Kid's' sister and Magic Mike have a thing though, and it's right at the end they snog.  Then, BOOM, ending!


The worst part of the film is Matthew Mcconaughey playing 'Dallas'.  God, it's just so creeeeepy!!  I mean, there's showing affection then there's just 'omg this is so cringey!'.  It made me question his sexuality anyway. 


So we've talked about the story line, or lack of it... but i don't care, the amount of male perfection in that film... oh jeez!!

They were ripped!  Talk about fit.  Seriously, it made me think 'well, i should hit the gym more often'.  If i even looked 1/5 as toned as they did, i'd be hot!


I love Tatum though, his films are great.  And he can dance.  But those that have seen 'Step up' already knew that.  He's in 'She's The Man' too.  Amanda Bynes in that film <3

And the new one, '21 Jump Street'.  I've not seen that though, is it Jonah Hill too? The superbad dude.  I think it's a comedy anyway.  I've not really known him in many comedies, he does a lot of sad ones.  'Dear John' and then that new one where his fiancee' and he are in an accident and she forgets everything.


I lvoed Dear John, it was really sad though!  Pretty sure i cried.  I also cried (on the inside) whilst watching magic Mike; thinking why, oh why can't a Channing Tatum walk into my life?! 


Here's the trailer ( i do not own this, no copy right infringement intended)





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