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So i'm going away in less than a week.

I really do need to sort myself out some Euros! 

I'm gonna do that today.  head on over to the bank and get myself 300 quid's worth.  That should be enough?  I hope so, i really have spent too much already.  What with having short notice on the holiday and having not been buying holiday clothes a little at a time since January.  i bought them in bulk- at first i was just shopping being all, 'well i'm not going on holiday so i'll treat myself'.  Then i was going on holiday and realised i needed a lot more clothes!  So paid for the flight, paid for the clothes and toilettries... so far i've spent probably 500 quid?  So possibly this 2 week holiday is costing 800 all in?  Not bad really, but i don't get paid for time off at work :/


So i lose out.  A LOT!  i'm going to lose half of my months wage.   Damn. 


Anyway, since i'm now going away, i decided to treat me and my mum to French Manicures.  I've tried to do them myself but... well, let's just say i'm no professional nail technician!  We're going on Tuesday.  Thursday is flight time!  I did have one for a holiday a few years ago, smudged it going out the door to the shop though -_-


Woman said it was dry.  Clearly not.  It cost me 20 quid as well.  Thankfully, these are only 12quid.  However, prices online may not reflect the price i'll be given in shop.

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