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So i've been streaming the ones that aren't out here in the UK, online.  I think its episode 8?  Anyway its called Homecoming.  


To say the least my life's been pretty boring of late.  I've been going to uni and to work, and then really nothing much else. The last thing i did was go to the cinema, and that was to see Breaking Dawn, nothing too exciting... 


I think i'll be going out on Tuesday, my friend will be giving me back the money he owes me for purchasing his Parkway drive ticket.  He can't get post at the minute and so instead of picking it up on the night i said i'd order his to mine.  You never know what might go wrong on the night!  I'm full of bad luck.


I ordered book 8 of the Vampire diaries too.  It's part of the 'hunters' collection and there's going to be book 9 sometime next year.  


I'll start with the end of book 7 because i only described the goings on of book 1.  Damon died!!  

But don't worry, he was actually still alive.  It turned out that when Elena had destroyed the world in which Damon had died, and they'd all left him, the star ball's energy was slowly repairing him and giving him life.  I knew that it wouldn't be the end of him, he's just too annoying to stay dead forever.  


It was pretty good, more of the whole doom and gloom stuff though.  Definitely not as good as the tv series!!


How brilliant is it getting?!  Series 3 is definitely the best!!  I'm rather sad that there's a 7 week break though, i'll have to wait until January next year to see more.  Next year!  That sounds so far away!  Although its not really, where is this year going!?


In Homecoming there was so much backstabbing, so to speak haha, and i had no clue who was on who's side!  I really like the character 'Rebekah', i think the actress is really good and suits the role perfectly!.  In the episodes leading up to Homecoming we finally get to see into the Original family's history and background. 


Just for a few points:

- Klaus' mum was a witch

- they moved to America to escape plague

- they wer eliving amongst werewolves

-Youngest brother (Henry?) dies and so they get the mum to give them better power and teeth blah blah

- mum's killed by... KLAUS!! who blamed his dad,

- turns out Mikael is the dad of Elijah, Rebekah but not Klaus

- Klaus is hybrid as mum had an affair with a wolf villager...

- Mum puts hybrid curse on Klaus and ignores him

- Klaus kills mum but blames Mikael.  



Above is a clip of Rebekah and Klaus, i don't own any of the rights to this video!


Rather brilliant!  


So there's one hell of a plan being formed to kill Klaus, but as usual, it goes belly up when Stefan stops Damon from killing Klaus with the White ash dagger.  Klaus pulls dagger out and sticks it into Mikael who then burns up and actually dies for good.  Mikael had killed 'Elena' but that turned out to be Katherine.  So everyone's pissed that Klaus is still alive and as a viewer i was like 'oh nooo' haha


But then it turns out Stefan saved Damon (again) because Klaus had told 'Elena' (Katherine) that if he died his hybrids would kill Damon, so then we're all glad that Klaus is still alive.  Stefan is in the car with Katherine and she's telling him that letting in humanity once in a while is a good thing.  Meanwhile Damon and Elena don't know any of this and Elena says 'we need to let him go' .  I think this was about Stefan, so basically they think he's still controlled by Klaus or on his side.  Klaus set Stefan free for saving his life, keeping to his word that when Mikael was dead he'd do it.  I think Elena and Damon have given up hope, and it looked a lot like they were going to kiss before Damon got a call from Katherine saying 'goodbye'.  She was doing a runner from Klaus again.  And i also think Caroline and Tyler break up :'( because he's saired to Klaus still, he asks her to stick with him but i don't think she can.  Then the end.  AND I CAN'T WAIT 7 WEEKS!!!     

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