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I don't even know what to say.


I'm absolutely gutted that the FINAL episode ( just of season 3 ;) ) is tonight.  America saw it last week, and i've just heard that its fantastic and dramatic and upsetting!


I got really upset with the last one i watched.  if you haven't seen the Vampire diaries so far im putting in *SPOILERS*


Currently i'm sat here at work eating a Boost chocolate bar... 305 calories of pure tastiness!


And i've given you time to close up or read on...


Oh by the way, here's the promo video!  Not actually seen it myself.  I don't own the video or any rights to the video!





So Alaric is probably my favourite character, Damon and Klaus, yes i do like them, but there's something just so likeable about Alaric.  All the crap happens to him.  I mean, he just came to Mystic Falls to hunt vampires and find out what happened to his wife.  Which he did, Damon had turned her- but because she'd asked him to! 

It's kinda odd how they're best of buddies now, but their friendship is great and i actually think Alaric is Damons's only true friend! 


So he got with Jenna, and she was turned by Klaus then killed in the ceremony to break the curse, she died in style though!  Trying to save Elena from Klaus, granted it didn't work, but it was a jolly good try!  If i was everyone, i'd totally ditch Elena because she is the reason everyone dies!  Seriously!

Girlfriend number 1- DEAD.


Then he gets with Dr. Fell.  And his rings gives him an alter ego of a murderious, vampire-hating, evil guy!  Who then tries to kill her- poor Fell, but even further still, poor Alaric who had no idea what he was doing!


Now Klaus's mother, Esther, has turned Alaric into a vampire-vampire-hunter.  With the help of Bonnie!  I hate Bonnie so so so much, i swear!  To be fair, she does get dragged into so much crap, and yeah i'd really be unimpressed with Elena- Damon did turn her mother into a vampire and Elena is- what?  Seeing Damon?  Can we call it that?  She needs to choose, Damon or Stefan, not both- it's not fair on either of them.  The writers are just prolonging it though- i know their tactics!!  keeping both Stelena and Delena fans happy ;)


Back to Alaric- i said, a few hours before i watched the show, that they'd best not kill off Alaric!  And what happens in the show?


Well, it looked like Alaric was going to die, and i was crying!  It was so upsetting- and i'm so empathetic, but really you should just call me pathetic!  And i was annoyed with the writers, being all 'how COULD you??!!'

Turns out he wasn't quite dead when Bonnie fed him her blood to make him turn.  He was just gonna die and not turn, so brave!  But Esther had other plans.


So Alaric's alter ego hid the last white oak stake and only his alter ego knew where it was.  Stefan beat him until he was nearly dead and then his alter ego finally appeared!  FINALLY!  He was about to be killed for jeebz sake!  and he and 'Rebekah' went to find it.  I say 'Rebekah' because it was really Esther possessing her body and they then made a pact to kill all of the originals.  Alaric staked Rebekah so Esther could return to her own body.  She then burned his ring to use the magic to make the white oak stake unbreakable- the ring made it so the wearer neve died from supernatural causes.  Normally it set on fire when put through the heart of an orginal but as there's only one left, this has to last and kill ALL of them.


Esther takes ELena and uses her blood (as the Doppelganger) and turns Alaric into a Vampire, so that when he wakes up a vamp he will want to kill all the vampires. 


I wouldn't be against killing the orgiginals (except for the dead storyline) but it kills everyone they ever turned, and thus will actually kill Stefan and Damon and EVERY OTHER vampire to have ever lived.  Vampires = dead.  They figured this out when Matt staked Finn and his lover came to avenge him and kill Stefan/Damon.  But she burst into flames and just randomly died!  That's how they found that out.


If it turns out they aren't turned from Klaus they will still stake him, however he created Tyler and so he will die.  Poor Caroline, however, i think Caroline and Klaus should get together, he obviously actually likes her.  Well i hope he does and he's not being a total fool!


So, there we go, my very brief story of TVD so far.  SUPER EXCITED for the final episode tonight.  Although i guess i'll have to wait until SEP/OCT again like last year.  It's miles away.  Too long without some drama and double-no wait, TRIPLE- crossing!

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