Ouchie at work.

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So who's the idiot that got injured at work?


Sounds serious but really it was just hilarious.  Only i can share in the memories cause nobody else saw me.  What happened?  


Well i slipped... then i hit my knee on the floor.  


What did i slip on?


I think it was a pea... however i'm just going to claim i was doing something heroic like diving to save a bottle from smashing!  Believeable right?  


So yeah, a bloody PEA fro christs sake!!  And i tell you it flippin' hurt!! I landed on one knee after i'd gone flying!!  It was just embarrassing, however upon looking around- nobody saw me!!!


I was hoping it would be ok, i was laughing about it with my collegues but it was starting to swell up.  In the end someone got me a first aider and an ice-pack and i sat on a bench facing the checkouts.  Pants rolled up and fishbag on my knee (there was no fish in the bag thank god!!!)  So i obviously attracted some attention from the customers.  I had a huge grin on my face, it was just too funny that i'd slipped on a PEA!!!  Really, even though my knee has gone all swollen and bruised, i still laugh at myself.


I fell over last week and cut the opposite knee to today.  How and Where?

Walking through Picadilly bus station (in manchester) in front of LOADS OF PEOPLE!!!  And my ankle decided it would be a good time to give up.  I went flying, bum in the air and everything because i had my hands in my pockets!!!


From this, you can probably gather i'm clumsy.  However, it seems i am more so lately.  if i stop writing i'm probably dead.... o_O


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