Parkway drive

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I think that these guys are fast becoming my favourite band!!  

They're just so amazing!  The guitaring is sooooo good and you can't help but like it (even if you hate the screaming haha)



i've not posted a video in a while, also i don't own this video i'm just posting one of PWD's new songs- which is one of my favourite from the new album!


I really love the horizons and killing with a smile albums, i reckon they are my favourite.  Deep blue is good though, the song above called 'sleepwalker's is taken from deep blue.  

I have certain favourites and i'll list them so you can check them out if you fancy it (or just scroll down to some of my other blogs as i have posted some on those :) )


--> pandora

--> Romance is dead

--> horizons

--> Carrion

--> idols and anchors

--> Sleepwalker


and probably a load more although right now i can't think as 'sleepwalker' lyrics are mushing my brain! lolol 


Last night i purchased tickets for their up and coming gig in April 2012- AND I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! 

i'm going with my friend Josh.  I don't know if anyone else is going, although my other friend Josh who lives in leeds is going to go i think.  £17 each for the tickets, which is a bargain!!


I'm not sure who's supporting yet but i have a feeling that the ghost inside are, because during the gig i went to on Tuesday they said 'see you guys back here in April' and they don't have a scheduled gig on their own.  I'd love it if it was them and this time i hope to know some of their songs!!  Below's one they played at the gig, the only bit i actually remember is 'SEE YOU WHEN THE SUN SETS' haha


Again i don't own this video and i don't intend to infringe copyright! 




Which do you prefer? (whether you like the music or not!) :D 

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