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My family have always had cats as pets.  My mum and dad prefer them because they are lower maintenance when life gets busy and that they are good for company (sometimes) too.  


My mums always wanted a dog however my dad's not so keen on dogs, a jack russel is what she really wanted.  The small cute ones.  Maybe they'll get one when they move house and have more room.  


I don't see the cat as often now as me and my brother moved out (only about 10 mins away, can't get rid of us!! ha)  and i really miss her.  


We've had, from what i can remember, around 4 cats since 2000-ish.  It seems quite a lot, and yeah it is.  Sadly a few of our cats met untimely ends :'(


Our first cat was called Lucy, and sadly she was eaten by two alsation dogs.  the dogs turned out to belong to the local chippy and the local chippy is where my brothers friend lives -_-.  That was the end of Lucy.  I don't remember what she looked liked or what she was like, which is really horrible!!  My parents say that she was a proper pet, one that was really friendly and always came to sit on you or be near you.  


We then got another cat in 2000 (millenium) from our neighbour, who's cat had had kittens.  She was a giant ball of fluff and we decided to call her Milly.  She was my faviourite cat, moody and feisty to everyone else but me!!  She loved me (i think) and would only come and sit with/on me and not anyone else.  She didn't bite or scratch me neither.  Milly grew into a HUGE furball of a cat and was always out patrolling her territory.  We got another cat when we had Milly too.  A kitten from the pet shop, she was the only black and white kitten and was being trampled on by all the other ginger kittens.  We felt sorry for her!!!  We ended up persuading my dad to let us get another kitten !! haha mum's good at that.



Milly died around 1-2 years ago, just after christmas.  She stopped eating and got really thin, so my parents took her to the vets.  It was bad news, she had kidney failure and was inevitably not going to survive very long.  It was disturbing because we knew she was in pain and she just lay in her basket quiet and still.  We said our goodbyes and my parents took her to the vets to be put down- it was better than letting her suffer.  She was only 10, so we should've had ages left with her!!


My mum's a carer and one of the ladies she was looking after died and wanted mum to have her cat.  Tushy.  He was a VERY old ginger cat.  Very cute but miowed a lot!!!!!  he was practically deaf and blind!!  We had to have him put down a weeks ago, his back legs went all swollen and he was in a lot of pain.  He was around 23 human years, which at the vets was off the scale in cat years.  He'd lived a long and fruitful life but it was still sad to think we were never going hear his mythering miows again.


We still have out pet shop cat which we called Lucy again.. She's a nipper, acts like a dog chasing her tail and wagging it.  She's getting on but still acts like a kitten!! :D


Below is a video to lighten the mood.  I own no rights to this vid! 



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