Quit my job!

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Well Monday was interesting.  I handed in my notice...


I'm so glad i quit though!  I didn't even feel bad when i was in the office.  I wanted to swear and yell and tell them that they could 'shove their job' in polite terms haha although i couldn't because i'd need a reference and i didn't want to leave on bad terms.  Quite crap really, that you can't tell them exactly how you feel.  I hated that job, that much was clear- i think i said it enough! ;D


And so i was going to be down in money- i did have two jobs so i was left with one, although it definitely wasn't enough- until i found out yesterday, some unbelievably good news!!


If you've met me, you'd realise i rarely have anything good happen to me, i'm just an unlucky person- however, maybe this new year-new luck thing will work?   


What's this good news then?


Well my other job was just temporary, but now i'm actually part time!  They wanted me full-time but i couldn't do that with uni going on, although it seems that they are willing to wait for me to finish :D

I'm so lucky to have even gotten the job in the first place, what with me not having a degree in Chemistry... i think they must appreciate my ability to learn on the job, either way im so grateful!!!  


i even went out and bought new work clothes, very posh now- althought they didn't have the shoes in my size so the only ugly thing about my clothing will be my shoes.


Here's a happy song-ish?  I don't own any copyrights :)



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