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Well it looks like i'm saying Adios to my job.

We've just lost a big customer and so sales are down... which means people gotta go.  Unfortunately it looks like i'll be one of them!  Student loan doesn't come in until 20th September either... Why, world, why?!

I was upset, what with the whole 'what do i do now?' but i've gotten used to the idea.  It may not be final, i've had 2 meetings so far, one informal the second formal, and have another meeting on Tuesday.  I've stated my case well though, wrote a letter of all the things i have contributed to the company- and i get paid a LOT less than the other bods, who i pretty much do the same work as.  Except i lack the skill and degree.  I'm working on the degree, but the skill comes in time and i don't quite think a year is long enough for me to become an expert...

Now i'm just waiting for the boot and i hate waiting for bad things.  I kind of want it over with bu then i don't because i need the money.  They may yet keep me on, but i doubt it because they're also getting rid of my dad.  They probably feel like they need to get rid of me because we're related.  But never mind, i'm not on good terms with the MD right now, he's being really petty.  However my department manager is trying to help?  Possibly anyway.  The letter was pretty long and full of loads, he said it was, and i quote, 'a lot to think about'.  Whatever that means really, i just need this job until a) September and student loan or b) i get another job.

I've applied for 9 or so jobs... i hope i get the B&Q one just because it's close by and easy to get to.  The others are in town and will require me to get a train or have to drive (and then pay for parking) through heaps of traffic.  getting to uni for 9am was bad enough weekday mornings.  I wouldn't mind doing late shifts/night shifts, possibly more money in it? But a job is a job, but no way will i ever go back to Morrisons, i hated it there.

What relly bummed me was the fact that i'd been planning a trip to Australia next year to see family (i've never met before) and i calculated the price for 3 weeks to be about £3,000... i was going to do it until this news came out. Downer.  And i also wanted to go away for my 21st, a week on a Greek island or something... doesn't look like i will but maybe a few days in Holland or Belgium would be ok- so long as it's cheap anyway!  I'd love to go away with friends, i've never done it before and for my 21st i think it would be amazing!

So i planned all this amazing stuff, and boom... no longer.
Although working here wasn't all i wanted from my life. I want to get my degree and have a few years work experience in industry (i have one year so far, was hoping for more) before getting myself over to Australia or America.

Once i have my degree, it looks like i'll be elegible to get into Auz, i will have the required 60 points! :D

all i'll need is a job.

America is a different story.  I literally see no way of getting over there unless i get a job, have family over there or marry an America.  The 3rd doesn't sound so bad, i want a life over there and if i marry someone in the UK they may not want to move.  But how do i meet American gents?  Online?  
Maybe i should try that millionaire dating site, get myself a millionaire who can buy us into America.  Sounds good... 

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