SeeTickets... i HATE you.

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I ordered my parkway drive tickets aaaaaaages ago, literally Novemeber when it was announced.  It was all going swimmingly until i got the email saying that my tickets were dispatched 27th Feb.


What's the date now... oh yeah we're nearing 20th MARCH!!  And so the tickets have disappeared :0

Apparently they must have been 'lost in the post' or 'sent to wrong address' AS IF!


As you can imagine i'm so furious!  The gig is in April.  I emailed them and they said that i will have to collect them from the box office on the night of the gig.  WELL, how inconsiderate, the whole point of me having them posted was because i can't picke them up- what with me working.  It's not uncommon you know, for people my age to WORK!!!


My annoyance is building with the more i write on this post -_-

What the hell is this joke?  I have to collect them?  Well, would you like to tell me how SEE TICKETS?!

Oh wait, i forgot, we can clearly be in two places at once can't we. GAHHHH RAGE!!!!  "/ 


Surely you send such items first class recorded so that they have to be signed for?  Well there's some idiot out there with free PWD tickets that are supposed to be mine and my friends.  Good one.


I've been looking forward to this gig for ages and i was hoping it would all run smoothly, turns out i'm one for crap luck though.

SORT IT OUT SEETICKETS- and maybe bin off Royal Mail?  


Rant over... :)



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