Sherlock Holmes

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Has anyone been watching- or should i say watched- Sherlock Holmes on BBC1?


I caught the first series but i missed the second one... thank god for BBC iPlayer!! :D

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a lengend for making up this character.  Although sadly i haven't read the books, i think i might have to check them out at some stage though.  They're the type of book i like, crime thriller, mystery.  


Basically the tv series is the same as the books, obviously in modern times and with a few tweaks to get the programme with the times.  


Benedict Cumberbatch plays Sherlock very well and i really like Martin Freemans acting as Dr Watson.  Both make up a great team and are very suitable for the characters they portray.

The best part of the series is when Sherlock can tell you pretty much everything about someone just through observation and knowledge.  I think he has a photographic memory as he's always pulling up stuff that no one ever knows/remembers off by heart.  I mean come on, periodic table of elements... AS IF!!!  hahaa.  


If you did watch it then you'll be very intrigued as to how Sherlock faked his own death!!!

I am.  I mean how can you fake jumping to death from the top of a high building?

But i've been reading some people theories on it, and looking back they do clear a few things up for me;

  • The cyclist who knocks into Watson.
  • Sherlock keeping Watson in the same place as he gives his 'goodbyes'
  • Asking that lady to help him (sorry her name has just gone...), he was NEVER friendly to that lady.
  • The garbage truck moving, but i can't particulalry remember the truck- i think i'll have to watch it again!!


Moriaty dies in this one, although i'm wondering if they're going to bring him back too.  But if im honest, is there really anyway of coming back from shooting yourself in the head?  Falling off a building and surviving is hard to believe too but we see him in the graveyard at the end...

He is a smart arse so he probably did figure out something before his impending death....


This blogs a short one anyway, i'm a little busy today :)

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