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I've had my hair dyed twice already, i'm on my third right now as i write this. I'm waiting around 45 mins for it in the hopes that the ginger tones will just totally disappear.  it looks awful, it really does.  And what's so annoying is that the ginger tones will NOT cover up!!!


I've had it bleach bathed, died ash colours and everything.  Still a no go.  As you can imagine i'm rather annoyed.  I can't go into work looking like i do, everyone at my work are so judging and bitchy and it will just ruin my day!!  So i'm having round 3 with the hair dyes.  If it doesn't work i'm going to complain on here about the Nice'neasy hair dye range.  Ash is supposed to get rid of the reddish tones yet it barely covered any of the ginger.  it went a nice colour on the places that i'd had highlights?  
Not really sure what my friend did with my hair to be honest, i know i took to her the colour b4 and the semi-permanent hair dye.  The colour b4 has turned me totally ginger and now im struggling to find a colour that will cover over it without having to go too dark again!  crisis!!!  Hair is not my forte.  



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