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So i just read the terms and conditions again.


No talking 'badly' about other people or companies, no advertising and no copyrighted stuff.  As well of a bunch of other things, but those three were the main ones that got me thinking.


Pretty sure i vented on here about one of my friends turning nasty pasty on me!  And about a company i bought gig tickets from.  Does that mean i violated the law?

I thought the whole purpose of a blog was to be able to write about things.  I've used the name of the company, just so others would know about it if they ever decided to buy gig tickets.  It's sort of a review?  Unofficial of course, but i think i'm allowed to complain about stuff?


And then there's advertising.  Ok, so i'm kind of advertising.  I've told you to go watch a dozen movies or go buy a game.  Does that mean i'm in the wrong again?  I'm not getting money from telling you to do these things, it's just sharing my opinion and telling other people about things they might like.  If i was talking to a friend it would be ok.


And then the copyrighted stuff.  I really don't understand that. 

I've put thousands of links and pics in but i've made sure to acknowledge that i don't own them or credit the person that does.  Does that make it ok?  i really don't know.  I mean, it's pretty obvious that i don't own The Hunger Games trademark or Skyrim... i mean if i did, SEE YA!!  I'd be mega rich, too rich to be faffing about with a blog- i'd get my lackey's to do one!  So it's not like i'm 'stealing' it or claiming it as my own.  Does that make it ok though?


I don't want to suddenly be told i'm breaking the law!!


:0 :0 :0

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