The Amazing Spider-man

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Lame name.

It really is.


However, OMG!! It was actually amazing!!
I love the new cast, Andrew Garfield? And Emma Stone- i love Emma as an actress- were just ace.  One comment though, Peter Parker's supposed to be a total loser, but Andrew seems 'too cool' to be a total loser.  Doesn't matter though, because he played the part brilliantly.  And i'm glad that bloody Mary-Jane wasn't in itm Gwen Stacey= awesome!  




People are comparing it to Batman and saying that Batman is better...

That's just stupid.

They're not really in the same league.  Batman has money and spiderman has spider powers.  There's a difference in super heroes, just like iron man.  Take away the suit and he's nothing.  But spiderman, suited or not, still has epic powers!

But seriously though, when those spiders dropped from the roof.... ERMIGAD!!!!  I almost died. I would have died if i was him.  Although saying thatm, i'd never have gone into the 'DO NOT ENTER' room anyway, not with all those spiders being so close.  Cringe.

I really enjoyed the film, it was very different to the other spiderman films.  Apparently more truer to the comics- never read them so i can't comment- either way, it was awesome. The lizzard baddy was great, realistic and pretty damn scary up close.  Still sad about Uncle Ben dying, tryna be the hero and all that, because Peter had just had an argument with him.  That douche in the shop though, it was 2 CENTS!!! He deserved to be robbed.  But no one deserved to die! Peter got his milk, even if he did lose his uncle.

Flash is still in there, and he's still a dick.
Well, until Peter's uncle dies.  Then he approached Peter and he's slammed into the lock- feet off the ground?  Yeah, Petey was angry! He says something like 'i know man, i know'... and then Peter lets him go.  Flash is seem wearing a spiderman shirt in school too and is actually nice to Peter after that.  Flash grows on me, but the actor who plays him was perfect (sorry, not sure of your name dude!)

Did you stay to see the short clip after the credits?

Was that the green goblin?  Or Norman Osbourne?  Because he may have been injected with some serum to heal him.  It appeared to be another bad guy anyway.  Who said 'did you tell Peter the truth about his parents'. To which the good doctor replies 'Leave the boy alone'  (don't quote me on this, it was a few days ago i saw it!).  Of course, he's not going to, where would the sequel be? I HOPE TO GOD THERE IS ONE!

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