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I joined quite a while ago now, beginning of January.  I was fed up of sitting around and i was paranoid i was just putting on weight- confirmed when i stepped on the balance the other week -_- - and i was going quite a lot at first, but now...


Oh dear.


I just can't seem to get bothered.  I need motivation.

It doesn't help that i get up at 6am and get back at 5pm, then have to be in bed by around10-11pm.  The gym is always busy around 5-8pm.  Seriously, i hate going when it's busy.  Not only is there more people to see me all sweaty and almost passing out (due to my unfitness- although, i've been a lot better lately) but the chances of these people being people i strongly disliked at school also increases.  They gym is right next to my old school, we used to have PE in it's sports halls.


So yeah.  I only dislike them because they were either rather nasty to me (yeah, i was a nerd at school, and we all know what happens to them...) or they just remind me of the people who were nasty to me. 

I don't think i talk to anyone from school to be honest.


Kind of hard when at college i was put into classes with absolutely nobody that i knew- so i was forced to make new friends.  And since then, i've been unstoppable.  Talking wise that is!


When i was younger i was so shy, even with my own family.  Grandparents come round and i'd literally be a mute! I blame being bullied at primary school- shattered confidence?  Yeah.

And then getting bullied at secondary school.... what a young life i had!


Anyway, now i'm forever talking and i actually enjoy meeting new people.  My parents don't know what happened to me! :)

I think getting new friends that were actually nice to me was a starter.  And possibly that i 'got fit' since i left school. HA!  Pee-off lads!  As if they said they'd actually liked me but didn't want to talk to me because of the girls.  I showed them at prom!  Yeeeeeeaaaaaah i looked good ;)


I should've done in a dress that cost 170 quid!


But i'm slowly going off topic here. 


There's why i need motivation to get off my bum and go to the gym.  The fact that it is literally a 5 min drive or 10 min walk away... well you know, things are just that bad i can't be bothered.  Can you blame me?


Motivation to not get fat and become the next Megan Fox should be motivation enough, but when you're forever tired like me, bed's the only place i wanna go!


Although, if i start going to the gym more often then my energy levels should increase, shouldn't they? 


Oh it's a crap.

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