Today needs to end!

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Oh wow.  I've posted so many blogs today.  All about random crap too.  Sorry guys!

But seriously today is dragging and all i want to do right now is curl up in bed and sleep- forever!

Or until i no longer feel tired at least.  But that's not gonna happen.


My brother's going to Sheffield tonight, i've been there once on a night out, it was alright.  Not as good as manchester to be honest but it makes a nice change.  What should i do?  I'm debating on asking one of his mates if they wanna go watch American Pie the Reunion with me tonight.  We both want to go see it, so why not?


But then, can i really be bothered with the effort?

I just want food and sleep.


Although, cinema popcorn?  Well... whoa hold on.  paying a fiver for something i could probably get 10x more for 5x less?  Bit of maths there ;)

It comes out at a pound.  Or so i think?  Whatever, i'm no Einstein. 


Anyway, i'll talk about how my 'novel' is coming along.  Thing is, i have a really good idea, i just need to do something with it!  Now i have the time, no uni work to be done so i haven't got that old excuse anymore :(

I've been re-reading books that i thought were amazing too.

Remember Meg Cabot?

Well yeah, maybe not... but 'The Mediator' Series!  Back from what, the early 000's!  I was 14 i think.  And i've been reading some other books by Amanda Hocking, is it 'My Blood Approves'?


Vampires yes.  I've read them twice now, just because i'm bored and i haven't yet added other books to my kindle.  I sent for a new one and all my books are archived and it literally takes 2 seconds to download them again... epitome of laziness. 


So what do i want for tea?

Might have pie.  If i can't have American Pie because i'm too lazy i'll at least have a cheese and onion one.  or whatever flavour it is that i have in my freezer.  it's probably one i don't like.  What to put the pie with?

Chips?  jacket potato?  Hmm, or i could just do myself some macaroni.  Steal some of the milk my brother bought, add a little Philly and bam!  Or so the advert makes out.  S'apparently extremely tasty... yeah i'll let you know.


Then again, going back to cinema, that might result in me missing TVD season 3 finale tonight!  Now that won't do.  As if my social life's taking a back seat for fictional hotties?!  It is.  *sigh.

I can pretend one's my boyfriend... or lover... yeah, that sounds better! 

Like the way i was heartbroken that Josh Hutcherson was famous and lived across the pond!  Yeah, set my sights a little lower i think.  To someone i actually have the chance of meeting! 


What would i do if i met someone famous?

I hope i wouldn't be all 'i love you' and stalkerish... oh God!

I mean, would i be excited or would i just act as if they were just some normal person?  Depends if they were hot ;)

Even so, i'd like to think i would just look at them and casually ignore them at the same time.  Not be another FanGirl.  FanGirls make me sick :x


My parents think i should try online dating, but i'm a bit skeptical.  Is that spelt right?  Anyway, i'm not even 21 yet...

but my prospects look dull.  To sound mean, i always get the guys i don't want fancying me.  Like my friends for one.  It's not supposed to be that way- uhh HELLO, FRIENDZONED! 

It's not like i want people ridiculously out of my league or anything- or the typical bad boy.  I just want someone who's physically appealing (bit o' muscle please!) and that i can get along with in whatever situation.

Even going out on nights out together/separate.  Don't need no jealousy!  Me or him...


Well, this post turned out to be longer than i'd planned.  Waffle. Waffle. Waffle.

I feel better having said this!



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