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Have you guys read the books by L.J Smith?  


Here's a link to amazon ( i hope):


it has some of the cheapest prices for the boxset of books too.  Don't do what i did and buy them from Ebay at a higher price, then receive your books with the invoice and see that the person who sold them to you bought them off amazon cheaper in the first place -_- rather annoying!!!


If you've seen the series on the tv and are expecting something following that story you'll be disappointed.  The series on telly of course, came after the books it is 'based' on, and so had been adapted to be more 'realistic' if you can call vampires that?!  

Some differences i noticed:

Fells church ---> Mystic Falls
Tyler Smallwood ---> Tyler Lockwood
Jeremy Gilbert ---> 6yr Margaret Gilbert
Katherine von Swartschild --->Pierce
Meredith Sulez ---> GONE
Ginger Bonnie ---> Black Bonnie
Blonde Elena ---> Bruntette Elena 
Caroline Evil ---> Caroline just a bitch 
Judith Gilbert ---> Jenna Summers 
Bonnie McCullough ---> Bonnie Bennett
Mrs Theophilia Flowers ---> Salvatore relative at bording house (damon snaps his neck)
Kitsune ---> GONE 
Matt Honeycutt ---> Matt Donovan
No Honeycutt siblibg ---> Vicky Donovan 

There are a LOT more differences between the books and the tv series, however at least you can't already predict what will happen whether you've seen the series or read the books and are about to embark on the opposite.  

Don't read on if you haven't yet read the books as i'm about to go into some detail about them and wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone :)


I've just seen that apparently the character of Meredith WILL be appearing at some stage in the later series... However her and Elena won't have the same relationship- how can they?  In the books they were best friends, her Bonnie, Meredith and Caroline (until she turns evil!) The first episode, Meredith was never even mentioned and so a best friend cannot just appear over night.  long lost best friend?  

Book 1 : The AWAKENING

You find out that Elena is BLONDE!!! and that she thinks that she's gorgeous basically.  Popular and messed around with guys.  On TV Elena is brunette, shy and a virgin.  There is a total difference and Elena sound a little like a blonde Katherine in the books.  I thought immediately that i was going to hate Elena however you see her change and become less 'me me me' and 'everyone else first!'  

It's in the first book that she meets Stefan Salvatore, obviously, otherwise it would be pretty boring!  Although they don't meet in the boys bogs!  The only reason Elena was in the lads loos to start with was because she was accusing Jeremy (brother) of doing drugs.  However he walks out and then she finally leaves, bumping into him on her way out.  Kind of embarrassing for a first meeting!  In the books, you'll realise soon enough that jeremy doesn't exist and that he has morphed from the 6yr old (i think) Margaret Gilbert.  An odd name for someone so young to be honest.  And so thus getting rid of a reason to be in the male toilets (unless she was being creepy...)

You meet Tyler SMALLWOOD!! in this book too, and he's an appsolute plank!  He's quite obnoxious in the tv series but in the books he is a lot worse!  There's a homecoming dance and Tyler and some friends are leaving [to go drink beer and stuff] and Elena, if i remember correctly, does it to get back at Stefan/tries to make him jealous.

Hold on a second- yes i said to make him jealous, but why?  Well Elena fancies him of course but he starts seeing Caroline ( i know, not on telly he doesn't!) and is at the dance with her.  Basically cause Elena thinks she can/should have anyone she wants and that he's not paying her attention, she'll go off with Tyler.  her friends do warn her not to!

Her plan fails, miserably.  She goes off alone with Tyler and he tries to rape her when she says she doesn't want to. Another person who doesn't like no!  Who comes to the rescue?  STEFAN SALVATORE.  And then he begins to like her as she does him.  So it didn't start off with him stalking her and rescuing her from the fatal car crash that killed her parents, it was just him going to school and meeting an annoying, obnoxious girl that he didn't feel a thing for!  And so a rivalry between Elena and Caroline is born!  

As with the series on TV, a series of 'animal attacks' occur, but we know that its not Stefan who's been committing them.  Elena doesn't and gets suspicious, confronting him she finds out his secret.  They were up on the roof for this confrontation, and somehow, in her bid to get away from the monster she falls from the roof (to be expected really) and is saved yet again by Stefan.  

There's also a flashback for the Salvatore brothers, it is revealed that they both fell for Katherine (a beautiful german woman) and became aware of her secret. (this is all set in 15th century)  They weren't afraid and 'loved' her.  Fighting for her affection the brothers asked her to choose, to which her reaction was to refuse, get upset and run away!  In the morning/some time later they find her clothes and a pile of ashes- along with her ring that protected her from the sunlight.  So in effect, asking her to choose had caused her to commit suicide (so it seemed).  Was she really dead, it was hard to judge because she came back/never died on telly.  

We know from the series on telly that it was Stefans fault that katherine got caught as he showed 'pity' for the vampires and so his father spiked his drinks with vervain.  The vervain was in the his blood when katherine bit him and so she was poisoned and his father was able to capture her.  She was taken away, but the boys tried to rescue her, both being shot (by their own father) in the process and dying.  Katherine is upset but seems to be more upset by Stefans death.  

Returning to the book the lads do a duel to the death with swords, both stabbing each other fatally.  So in the book, they kill eachother with swords and are not both shot by their father.  Both become vampires as they had been recently exchanging blood with Katherine and on TV the first person Stefan visits is his father, who tries to kill him and who then is 'accidentaly' killed by Stefan.  This isn't the case with the books as Stefan would have no reason to go and ask his father 'why'.  They both wake up days later in their tomb, where they have been put to rest of course.  

Whereas on TV we see the boys at one of katherine's witchy friends' house.  Where Damon is pissed with Stefan and won't drink blood to begin the change.  He wants to die instead.  But Stefan being an actual noob in the TV series forces his brother to drink human blood, changing Damon into a very angry, revenge seeking, powerful vampire, who wreaks havoc for Stefan.  In the books i still don't think the brothers exactly get on.  It's when we also find out that Elena is a doppleganger for Katherine (so they look exactly alike), which is what put Stefan off in the book.  Who'd want to be with someone who looked like an EX?  And one that killed herself too!  

We find out that Damon has also been following Elena (as he actually LIKES the fact she looks like Katherine) but in the form of a crow.  Because he's super powerful he can transform into a crow and invades dreams, which is what he does to Elena.  Stefan can't do such things because he's adopted a strictly 'vegetarian' diet.  He only drinks animal blood, not human and this has caused him to be weak.  No match for Damon at all!  Elena doesn't want Damon though and rebuffs him, he gets angry 'cause he's 'hot' and thinks he can have anyone he wants, she just wants Stefan.  Stefan and Damon fight again, history repeats, before Stefan goes suddenly missing...


I hope everything's correct, i haven't read the books for a few months and so a few areas may be grey.  I wouldn't say this was a serious book review but it's a good review if you've already read the books and want to remember what happened or can't be bothered to read the books but still want to know what happens!! :D  


I'll post the other books in other blogs, otherwise the amount of text is just gonna look scary!!! D:



This song is called 'Help i'm alive' by the Metric.  i don't own any rights to this video or song as have posted it just because it is one of the first songs from Vampire diaries series 1 :)  No copyright infringement intended!

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