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Oh wow.  That's all i can say about the vampire diaries...


No i lie, i can say loads about it!  Hence my billions of posts!!! :D


Well, i watched it on telly on Tues, the second episode, however afterwards i wanted more so i went online and watched the rest... SO GOOD!!!




Don't read on unless you want to read what's happened so far!!!

I don't own the picture, i got it off google images.  CW owns the rights for the VD. (i think?)






So, Stefan knew Klaus allllll along!  Who'd have guessed that?  And Klaus had a sister that he 'killed' because she wanted to go off with Stefan and leave him.  Turns out they're running from a vampire-vampire hunter.  The originals can be killed dead after all!!!


Caroline, it turns out its her dad that's been called to deal with her.  He had her secured to a chair and tries to condition her behaviour to blood by unleashing sunlight on her for periods of time.  I imagine that's MEGA painful for vamps!!  But Tyler starts to wonder where his new 'friend' is and tells her mother.  This is after he confronts his own mother and she says that Caroline is a monster.  Tyler takes her down to the cellar and locks her behind a door so that she can see him morph when the full moon occurs.  Now she knows what he is she lets Tyler know where Caroline is.  He and sheriff Forbes go and rescue Caroline from her dad and Tyler carries her out.  It's so cute!!! :D  


So going back to Klaus and Stefan, when Stefan was the Ripper he met Klaus in a Chicago cabaret? club.  Only after he'd met the girl who turned out to be Klaus' sister (can't remember her name right now).  Klaus doesn't approve at first but when he see Stefan force a man to drink his own wife's blood he begins to like him.  Believe it or not but they used to be best friends!!  The whole 'I'm-Klaus-and-I-need-To-Sacrifice-Your-girlfriend-thing' just got in the way.  We find out that Klaus compelled Stefan to forget their existence (him and his sis) so this is why he doesn't remember them.  When he brings his sis to life he compells him to remember again and it all comes flooding back.


There's a witch involved, as Klaus' plans to create new half-werewolf-half-vampire creatures fails when he gives the werewolves his blood.  They bleed from the eyes and die, so it fails.  He gets the witch to help him see why its gone wrong.  She see's through Stefan and tortures him basically and finds out the Doppleganger is still alive (Elena!) and just as she's about to finish, something i didn't expect occurred.  Katherine saves Stefan by killing the witch so she can't tell Klaus about Stefans lies.  He finds out anyway when they take a trip back to Mystic Falls.


Elena runs into him and he captures her.  He feeds Tyler his blood and then snaps his neck so that he'll wake up a vamp.  In order for the hybrid to work he tells Bonnie (the witch) to find a cure/spell for it so Tyler doesn't die.  He then Tells Stefan to kill some random school students, he doesn't so then he has to be compelled.  He kills them in front of Elena.  Klaus sets the countdown clock to count down from 20 and compells stefan to drink Elena dry when it gets to zero (unless Bonnie solves it), and to break her neck if she tries to run.  He tells her to run when the clock counts down and she does, but into Klaus who tells Stefan to do it, to turn off his emotions.  Of course, he doesn't and it compelled to turn off his emotions so he no longer feels anything for anyone, including Elena.  He attacks her and then it goes to her waking up in the hospital... Klaus has fed Tyler her blood, the doppleganger blood is how to make the hybrids work (Tyler won't die!!!! :D) as the witch said killing her would, but he figures that the witch hated him so does the opposite.  The old witch wanted him to be alone forever as the only hybrid.  Doesn't turn out that way of course... klaus knows the secret.


So where's Damon?  He and Katherine took off, with Damon unknowingly driving a knocked out Jeremy (who's in the boot).  Because he can see the spirits of his dead girlfriends (Anna and Vicky).  meanwhile Matt kills himself and gets Bonnie to use CPR to bring him back and he can now she Vicky.  So Anna tells them about the vampire hunter 'Michael'? i think that was his name.  Damon rushes back to carry Elena out of hospital and when they are back at the house, having scared Klaus off with threats of the vamp hunter, he tells her he will never leave her again (awwww).  And then awkwardly, Stefan walks in telling them he'll be keeping a watch over them for Klaus then to 'by all means carry on with what you were doing'.  basically Stefan feels nothing now, and thats got to hurt Elena.  However, her and Damon should so take advantage of that situation!!! GET IT ON YOU TWO!! haha


That's a quick over-view of it all really, but if you haven't yet seen them i suggest you watch them.  And if you haven't yet seen ANY of then I suggest you go back and start from S01E01.  You really won't regret it.  If you're female, appreciate the fine male forms in the show.  If you're male, do the opposite ;) 



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