VD season 3 on DVD!

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It's finally available.  Pre-order mind.  It's not released until the end of August.  Rest assured i will be getting it though!  i've pre-ordered it from Amazon.  I think that was the cheapest place i saw it at.  Can you believe on ebay the blueray was going for 70 pounds!?  Madness!  I mean, i'm a huge fan, but i would not spend that much on a flippin' DVD!!  maybe if it was a disk of gold, and contained some precious gems, maybe...


28 pounds (Sorry, the pound sign doesn't work on this keyboard, it's the American way so it comes out as a # instead...)

Which i still think is steep.  Pretty sure season 1 was about 8 pound, maybe even 10- that's a good deal.  Season 2 was around 15-18 pound, not sure on that as i received it for Christmas. (Bless my mum!!)


And now, 28...


Is it because of the popularity?

They always seem to cash in on that and raise the prices.  God knows how much season 4 will cost next year!


I didn't watch VD at first, i saw the advert and thought: 'it looks a bit rubbish' but my friend was telling me how good it was and eventually i wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  I literally spent 2 whole days catching up.  After episode one i kept watching, i couldn't wait to see what happened next!  It helps that Ian Somerhalder is in it... DAMON!!! 

Nina Dobrev is a great actress too, Katherine is her best role!  But i really liked the characters and i thought the story line was great!!

it's good for escapism.  I sometimes read a book or watch something and just wish i lived in that world.  Right now i wish i had friends like on 'How I Met Your Mother'.  That would be awesome!  I think i have the one best friend, but i'd love to have 4 or 5 and hang out all the time doing crazy things.  Or even normal things! haha


Back to VD, it's getting released end of August, so i've a month to wait.  TOO LONG!!!

And then that will kill the time between now and Oct when the new series will no doubt start.  America will get it earlier, super jealous!

Season 3 was just the best, leaving it on a major point that just made me want to watch more.  But we have to wait a few months.  I'm going to hate it when it goes off for it's half-point interval, which is usually around Jan. 


In the mean time though i have 'The Amazing Spiderman' and 'Batman: Dark night rises'? to watch.  I cannot wait to see Batman, super excited as it looks brill!!  Everyone says Spiderman is the best spiderman yet too so i really want to see it.  I love the comic book films.

Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, X-men, Fantastic 4, Avenger's Assemble... oh yes!

Bring on Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2!!


Robert Downey JR.... there's just something about him!  i need to see Sherlock Holmes 2!

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