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I haven't blogged in a while so this one's kind of late...


How was your Christmas?


I thought it was very odd this year, it didn't feel Christmassy at all!! :(


I was working Christmas eve, so that doesn't help does it.  And i was supposed to be going out with all my friends, however they'd decided to go out the day before and not tell me; so there i was getting all excited.  Oh well, in the end i invited a friend over, i hadn't seen him in over a year i think.  And so we had a good catch-up, and he didn't leave until about 3am!!  So on Christmas day i woke up around 10.30 am...  and was supposed to be at my parents for 11am.  I made it though, with some seriously fast getting ready!  I probably looked like a tramp but meh.


So at my parents me and my brother set the presents into piles and our parents joined us, with their glasses of Sherry.  I hate that stuff.  Then we opened our presents.  Safe to say my brother was hung over!


Our grandparents arrived an hour or so later for Christmas dinner, and they opened their presents/we opened ours (again) from them.  


Christmas dinner was brilliant, you know all those cheap cracker jokes?  Loads of them!  And the ridiculous paper hats...


When it was all over i was curled up in bed watching CSI- i love CSI!!!!!  When my phone rings disturbing me.  It's my brother asking me to come to the pub and i kindly decline.  Settled back down again, think CSI was on about some male stripper dying, as CSI Miami always appears to incorporate sex -_- , when it rang again.  This time it was my brothers mate and i agreed to go.  


I had to reapply ALL of my make-up and re-do my hair so it was a task, but i met some new people who were really great and i had a brilliant time!  Unexpected nights are the best, and i got a little drunk on cider...  So boxing day was awful!  Think i spent most of that day in bed, being ridiculously tired as we didn't get in until about 4.30 am.


All-in-all.  A good Christmas. :)

Below is a hilarious video of Terry-Tate, office line-backer :D  I don't own any copyrights!



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