50 shades

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I read this a few weeks ago, i saw a few posts about it and decided to get it on my kindle.

It was alright, quite raunchy but after the first 'scene'- we'll call it that- it kind of gets repetitive.  For me it's very unrealistic, although books mainly are! If a guy told me to sign a contract before we got together i'd tell him where to go!  As well as that, the storyline is a bit pants. 


It builds you up for this big secret and really, it's not that great.  He's into BDSM because his mother was a crack whore, so he likes to beat women who look like his mum.  Ace.  it's not that big of a secret, i thought it was going to be something mega.  I've read all 3 books, there's some plot as the books progress but as i said before it gets a little repetitive and boring.


I enjoyed reading them though, some of the humour made me laugh out loud.  i probably looked crazy, just laughing to myself on the beach...


Saying all that, i couldn't seem to put the books down.  I liked the main character, Miss Steele- soon to be Mrs Grey.  That's probably why i enjoyed it so much.  Christian Grey really irritated me though, i cannot stand super-controlling people and i got annoyed with her for letting him be like that with her. I'd have said see-ya! and not come back.  But then, where would the story be...


Anyway, i've actually read the story so i can have an opinion on it.


Which brings me onto all the haters.


It's twilight fan fiction (although i don't know how, no vamps, no super naturals, just LOTS of sex) and it's not exactly suitable for the twilight fan age-group.  Saying that, i'm guilty for watching and reading twilight.  I had a thing for RPattz when he was Cedric Diggory, then in the first twilight.  After that, downhill!  he just looks like a hobo.  K-Stew ( i cannot be bothered to write full names) is super pretty though, acting's a bit wooden- and kind of embarrassing at some points- but meh, i'm not on the big screen!


I've noticed a trend, most of the haters are men.  or boys, should i say.  They're all about my own age (Late teens to 20's) and are complaining the hell out of themselves!  I don't get it!  They haven't read the book, but they say it's rubbish and that it's 'mummy porn' or whatever.  one lad said to me, 'why do you need a book to get off?  it's sad.'


For one, i did not 'get-off' on the book haha i like to read and Christian Grey didn't do it for me- what with all his controlling, freakish behaviour, it was just annoying to read really!  But then i was like 'hang on...'


What do you call Zoo magazine, FHM, Front and Nuts? 

Lads read them, look at the pics then...

Exactly!  Same thing, they read to get off.


The only difference is the use of imagination.  Isn't it called erotic writing?  Anyway, whatever it's called, i think it's a lot better than seeing superficial and unrealistic people making pig noises.  Porn doesn't portray emotion.  Fair enough, casual sex is big thing these days but i'm one for romance.  These books (i say books, but this is the first 'erotic' book i've read) portray the emotions, and you know women and emotions! 


Although i do think movies and books have altered my 'type'- as a word.  The perefect guy does not exist (neither does the perfect girl!) and it's annoying to see all these films full of Prince Charming's and all that when, in real life, it's nothing like it!  It makes us raise our standards and expect too much.  me anyway.  i'll never find a guy!!


But then so does porn, i mean it basically gives the idea that you have to look like 'this' or 'that' to be attractive.  or you're deemed ugly or frigid for not doing that backwards dangling horse position your partner saw on last night's late-night flick!  (i made that position up by the way!). 


So lads, what is your problem? 

You LOOK at erotic things, women READ about them.  Why are you so pissed about characters that are made-up?! 

The hype is annoying, yes.  But i can't understand the logic in hating it.  Surely having your partner excited is a good thing?  You are not the only ones with a vison of the perfect partner!  Boys may want girls like the ones in their movies, so what's wrong with a girl wanting someone like the guy in their book?


Either way, read and then Hate/Love it.  Personally i thought it was ok, but i enjoyed it!  It's something, me, my mum and my gran can talk and laugh about!  Which was what we did on our family outing.  My dad has no issue with it, neither does my grandad.  So what is it about lads my age?!


I also love Jackie Collins books!!  They are perfect for on holiday, i mean who wants to read about murders and crime thrillers when laying in the sun?  it's not the right mood to be setting!


I'd still pick Harry Potter though!!!

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