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So not much has been going on lately, in fact nothing at all.  How boring.

I was supposed to go to a party with a friend on Friday night but they didn't phone or text me and so i couldn't go- as i was her plus 1.  


Friday was good though because my Grandparents came over, we went to the pub and i had red wine,  Classy like that.  A few too many glasses maybe... haha and then we went back to my parents house for some good old Shepheards pie!! And more alcohol of course.  Anyway my mum makes amazing food, not that i appreciated it when i lived at home.  I had a rather large portion with some cauliflour & Broccoli cheese.  


Saturday...  i did nothing, until around 5-ish when one of my friends came over.  We had a catch-up and gossip before continuing with out Vampire-Diaries-a-thon.  We've been watching it from the beginning over the last few weeks, she hasn't ever watched it before and has really taken to it.  Or Ian Somerhalder-Damon- either way, we have one more thing in common now! :)


So we were up until around 2am. watching it, then i took her home and came home to wash the pots...

Not exactly what you'd think to do at that time of the morning.  That's how suck-ish it's been lately!! Sunday me and the same friend went for a wander around Dove Stones.  That's our 'local' reservoir.  I say 'local' because it's a good few miles away.

Picked good weather didn't I... Cold and wet, got all dirt up my leggings and shoes! :-/ oh i'm forgetting windy- it was ridiculous.  None the less it was good fun, chatting all the way around.  You'd have thought that there'd be nothing left to talk about since we were up the night before doing exactly the same.  Bottle of wine and laughing at the photoshoot photos of me that i hadn't seen before.


She's a hairdresser and paid for some modelling so that she could use our photos as advertising- some are actually alright but i'm not too keen on most (of me), the others were ok though.  I think there was like 4/5 of us there having our photos taken, i'm not exactly photogenic either.


Monday was boring- i had uni and that was about all i did...


Tuesday was alright actually.  I went to uni for tutorial at 11am- although all we did was watch a video, which our tutor said  is on Youtube anyway -_- so it was pointless going in.  And an hour lecture which lasted only 40 mins...  i was pretty annoyed that i'd bothered to turn up actually.  But if it hadn't been for the hour free in between i'd have been really annoyed!!


Me and 6/7 of my friends went to 'courtyard'- a local bar- and had a beer and played pool.  I love stuff like that because i rarely do it- i felt really social.  it was a good laugh and i got to eat curlyFries :D And then we realised that we had 10 mins left to run to our lecture in the pouring rain... not good.  The lecture that lasted a whole 40 mins...


I always park around 2 miles away from uni if i'm in for more than 3 hours as where i park i don't have to pay.  I'm walking back either way but one of my friends walks me back to my car, even though he lives pretty much the opposite way!  More chatting and goofing ensued obviously.  it's good to get to know people better.  My Vampire Diaries friend came over Tuesday night again too.  And then i went bloody food shopping, spending £51 and not being able to use my staff discount- i don't work there anymore :'( BOOOO!!!


Today- work.  


Life story over.  Sorry for boring you with my boring tales of random crap :') 

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