I missed it!

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Can you believe it?!

I can't.


I missed the Vampire Diaries season 3 finale last night because i actually forgot it was on and was reading a book instead.  It got to 9.10pm and i realised, but i'd already missed 10 minutes- and who knows it may have been a really important first 10 minutes!  So i didn't bother and carried on reading. 


I was reading book 3-or was it 4?- in the mediator series.  It literally takes me 2 hours to read one of those books, but it reminds me of when i was 14 and reading them.  I still enjoy them of course, Meg Cabot's writing style is very... Sassy?  Anyway, i missed the damn show!


But do not fear!  For i have it recorded on my BtVision!  I mean, i planned on going bed at like 10 so i didn't bother catching it on record last night, but i actually went bed nearer to 11... so i could've watched it, and i couldn't sleep anyway!

Don't know if that was because i saw a bit of 'The Walking Dead' on channel 5 before i switched off the telly-which i had on in the background, on mute of course- and it was pretty disturbing.

Make-up's ace though!  The zombies look so real.  Like i said, disturbing! 


Lots of gore, and the whole seeing-someone-stab-someone-in-the-eye-with-a-screwdriver-thing is not my scene!  Gross :-/


I kept waking up thinking there was someone in the flat, i was home alone- Brother went Sheffield last night- so it made it creepier.  Although, i think i was dreaming because it was one of his friends i thought i heard.  Found myself getting up and getting dressed to check it out.


What is it that i always say when the person goes to check out the bang in a horror film? 

Oh yeah, it's "OMG, how stupid are they?!"
But yeah, there was no one there and i realised i'd gotten dressed and assumed i'd been sleep walking again.  Went back to bed, all was well.  Until about 2.30am.


This time i was getting fed up, i mean, seriously?!  How many times could i wake up in one night?

A lot, it turns out.


I went and got some cereal, thought it would help me sleep ya know!  Cinnamon- spelt right?  Urgh too tired to care!  Cinnamon Graham and chowed down.  They didn't help me sleep though.  I woke up at 4.10 and then at 5.30.... and i had to get up 6.  Unimpressed.


So all in all, i could've stayed up until 4 this morning and watched vampire diaries 6 times! 


Oh boy.  I need a nap!

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