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I think i've written a blog once before, I probably gave up after the first article... We'll see.


So i'm heading back to uni tomorrow, my second year.  No freshers specific for me, but i'll still be going ;)
There's a fresher's frat party on Friday, welcome the TOGA!!!


last time I wore a toga it was at a Disney fancy dress club night.  So you're thinking toga and Disney?  Well you know Hercules, i'm not into specifics, but the women in the coloured togas!!  I would've chosen something better had i not been attending a toga house party beforehand.  Two birds, one stone.  Saved me some money too.


it's toga time again and i'm sooo excited!!  This time i've enlisted my friend to create me a prettier toga from a bed sheet.

Although, by the end of the night, either way, i'm guaranteed to look like something the cat dragged in!!  



There's a video I just nabbed off YouTube.  Just to clarify it's not mine and i do not intend to infringe any copyright whatsoever!!  Go ahead and attempt your own toga, there needs to be more frat parties!!!  


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