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This week has gone so fast.  Can't believe it's Friday already! 


And boy can i tell you i'm glad. 

Being at work is probably more stressful than exams! :0

I know.


I have no idea what i'm doing this weekend though,

it's a friend's birthday tonight and they're going town, i have yet to decided what to do though.  All i know is, i really, really, really, really want/need to go the gym after work!  And then Saturday and Sunday.  So, i guess i sort of know what i'm doing this weekend.  WORKOUTS!  Yeahhh.  Awesome...


Maybe not.


I WILL LOOK LIKE K-PEZ (my nickname for Katy Perry!)

Have i ever told myself i'm a genius?

Once or twice...


So right now i'm at work, and i'm on the late.  Late as in until 3pm anyway.

Normally Friday's finish early, namly 1pm instead of the usual 4.30/5pm.  I love Fridays!  But everyone takes turns in working on Friday until 3pm.  Today it happens to be my turn... but i'm not bothered. 


I kind if like being left to my own devices.  I work a lot better.  Anyway, sometimes people don't actually leave until after 1pm, depends of the work loads, but i know everyone will be today. 


Why's that you ask?


Golf day.


Seriously, they're all going to play golf.  I was invited but have i ever played golf before?

Crazy golf yes, but other golf... no.

So i'm not going because imagine taking someone to do something that you love when they can't/won't take it seriously.  Yeah, that's what i thought.  I'm such a good person... HA!!


Weather's crap too.  Good luck lads!

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